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12-Day Yellowstone National Park | President's Rock, Antelope Canyon, Las Vegas

Dedicated to nature enthusiasts like you! Deep exploration of national parks
✈ Departure date:

【Package Included】
✔ 11 nights of hotel accommodation (including 2 nights at Yellowstone NTL Park Grand Village Lodge)
✔ 35-seater coach transportation and Chinese-speaking tour guide throughout the journey
✔ 8 hotel breakfasts per itinerary
✔ Admission tickets to all attractions
✔ 2 bottles of water per person per day

【Package Excluded】
✘ Daily lunches and dinners
✘ Overtime fee: $180 per hour for vehicle usage exceeding 12 hours per day
✘ Expenses are personal in nature
✘ Medical/Travel insurance
✘ Recommended gratuity for the guide and driver: $10 per person per day (total $10 x 12 days = $120 per person)

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Discover the beauty of America's first national park

No words can describe the beauty of this classic landmark, in case
Yellowstone National Park, first discovered by Lewis and Clark in 1807, is a work of nature
Wonders such as mountains, rivers, canyons, hot springs and geysers are the result of frequent geothermal activity,
birth to a wide variety of species, from large mammals to small birds,
and the park attracts large numbers of visitors every year.

Daily Itinerary

DAY 1  Los Angeles - Las Vegas, Nevada (Sep 10) 

Depart from Los Angeles in the morning. We will head to San Bernardino Forest. Enter the Mojave Desert, the largest in North America. See the emerald green Joshua trees that are dotted in the endless desert sand. We will go to Navada in the afternoon. When we arrive, we will see the remarkable and colorful Las Vegas. You can go to Caesars Palace to see the extravagant Romanesque architecture or walk around “The Strip”, the main street of Las Vegas. Many places to explore tonight on your own time with many famous places for visitors to take pictures.

Breakfast: X |  lunch & dinner: Optional
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas (Next day breakfast not included) or similar

DAY 2  Las Vegas - Zion National Park - Bryce Canyon National Park - Kanab, Utah (Sep 11

We will face the fresh morning breeze to see the beautiful Zion National Park. You will see majestic rock face, clear stream, towering pines, and the carving by the old glaciers. This place will make you feel small in the huge open air space. Afternoon, you will arrive around 8,000 feet high for the Bryce Canyon National Park. There are tens of thousands of stone pillars in the park that have been eroded by wind, frost, snow, and rain for millions of years. You cannot stop help admiring the splendid marvel of the universe and be in awe.

Breakfast: Optional | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Confort Suite Kanab or similar

DAY 3  Kanab - Grand Canyon National Park(North Rim) - Antelope Canyon - Horsehoe Bend - Page, Arizona (Sep 12)

Early morning departure today, will go to one of the Seven Wonders of the world, Grand Canyon National Park North Rim. Our exclusive tour will let you have enough time to visit Grand Canyon National Park to admire and take may pictures. The tour guide will take you to different viewpoints for the Grand Canyon view that is glorious and you can see the different color for the rock formations. After that, will go to see the most beautiful canyon- Antelope Canyon. This is most peculiar water carved cave and the attraction point is one of the top ten photography location in the world. The charm is the Antelope Canyon unique lines and curves of the red sandstone. With the natural beams of light it really highlights the cavern and caves of Antelope Canyon. Those dramatic color and light beams like layers of silk will feel like a dream. You will join the Lower Antelope Canyon Tour with true native Indians tour guides who will take you in the intimate tour of this canyon. We will continue to see the Giant Rocks surrounded by Colorado River Bend also know as Horseshoe Bend. The best view is up to 4,200 feet on the steep cliff.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Days Inn & Suited by Wyndham Page Lake Powell or similar

DAY 4  Page - Monument Valley - Arches National Park - Moab, Utah (Sep 13)

We will drive to Monument Valley in the morning. This place was popularized by the many media created in 1930. The most famous one is the American director John Ford’s movies liked 《Stagecoach》、《The Searchers》. Also the director of Robert Zemeckis, Forrest Gump has showed background of Monument Valley. Also, monument valley showed in the American TV series of Airwold and Doctor Who of England TV series. Head to the world’s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches-Arches National Park in the afternoon. It has over six hundred natural arched stone bridges that are scattered around with different characteristic. They combined the erosive forces of wind and water to create such an exquisite landscape. It makes us smile to see the wonder of nature’s superlative craftsmanship.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Scenic View Inn & Suites Moab or similar

DAY 5  Moab - Arches National Park - Canyonland National Park - Salt Lake City, Utah (Sep 14)

Arches National Park has the biggest concentration of natural sandstone arches. This National Park is area around 309 square kilometers.  This park has different names for the stone monuments, such as Balanced and Sheep. Every shape is different. The dark orange arches seen was created by the vast ocean 300 million years ago. After the seawater evaporation, rock formation extrusion, and crustal changes caused it to become arches. We see arches with different types of shape because they withstood the erosion of wind and rain for thousands of years. Afternoon will go to the Canyonland National Park. At this park, you will see a lot of colorful landscapes. You can see the layers with the background of the  Colorado River Bend. The National Park has different areas like Island in the sky, Maze, and Needles.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Best Western Plus Airport Inn & Suites Salt Lake City or similar

DAY 6  Salt Lake City - Great Salt Lake - Utah State Capitol - Temple Square - Hill Aerospace Museum - Idaho Falls, Idaho (Sep 15)

We will drive to visit the largest inland salt lake in the US. The location is Northwest Salt Lake City. The average area is 4,400 square kilometers. The area’s lake water is seven times saltier than the ocean. Before Salt Lake, the people historically called this lake the Dead Sea. After, we will go to the city center and see their Utah State Capital. Their building uses style of classical architecture. The outside is made of granite and interior building is gray and white natural marble. On the top of the building, it has the mural of the pioneer and founding fathers of the town. Mormon history is rich in Utah and is seen thru the Mormonism’s color for Utah’s notable landmarks. Afternoon we will go to Hill Air and Space Museum. The exhibition showed the military fighter, transport plane, bomber, drone, reconnaissance aircraft, and air-to-surface missile for people to see. This is a great place for check-in spot for social media. Don’t miss this chance.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Idaho Falls Best Western Plus Cottontree Inn or similar

DAY 7  Idaho Falls - Jackson -  Grand Teton National Park - Yellowstone - West Yellowstone (Sep 16)

We will arrive at the western cowboy town - Jackson in the morning. This is also a famous resort for vacation. Don’t miss Antler Park in the city center. After Jackson Town, we will go into Grand Teton National Park to see the towering mountains covered with millennial glacier. This view is more beautiful than Japan Fuji Snow Mountain surround by the blue sky and forest. We will go to Yellowstone in the afternoon and hope to see plenty of  high horned deers, American buffalos, various rare waterfowls.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
West Yellowstone White Buffalo Hotel or similar

DAY 8  West YellowStone - Yellowstone National Park (Sep 17) 

From West Yellowstone, you will see mysterious and majestic forest.
You will see the Bisons, reindeers, and black or brown bears in this grassland.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Yellowstone NTL Park Grand Village Lodge (Next day breakfast not included) or similar

DAY 9  Yellowstone National Park (Sep 18)

You will continue to visit Yellowstone National Park. There will have romantic and charming Yellowstone lake, majestic Yellowstone canyon, the towering Yellowstone falls. The Yellowstone Canyon is wonderful place to watch closest for wild animals.

Breakfast: Optional | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Yellowstone NTL Park Grand Village Lodge (Next day breakfast not included) or similar

DAY 10  Yellowstone National Park - Buffalo Bill Dam - Gillette, Wyoming (Sep 19) 

We will continue to feel the Greater Yellowstone Biosphere. After you leave Yellowstone National Park, we will go to see the Buffalo Bill Dam built in 1925. The largest water dam in the world is Buffalo Bill Dam at the time of construction. This is a concrete arch gravity dam on the Shoshone River, Wyoming in the USA. It is named after the famous wild west character “William Buffalo Bill”.  Now it is covered by a reservoir formed by the construction of the dam. In the afternoon, will drive thru the North American continent- the Rocky Mountain. The scenery along the way is beautiful!

Breakfast: Optional | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
La Quinta Inn By Wyndham Gillette or similar

DAY 11  Gillette - Devil’s Tower National Monument - Mt. Rushmore National Memorial - Crazy Horse Memorial - Scottsbluff, Nebraska (Sep 20

Will depart to the first world of the National Monument – Devil's Tower. The Native Indians called this place due to the bear that live here. Devil’s Tower National Monument is up to 1,200 feet square kilometers. It attracts countless tourists and rock-climbing enthusiasts every year. The hexagonal rock pillars on Devil’s are the tallest and largest in the world.  Also, this place is another famous movie called “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” After, we will go to South Dakota’s World-Famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This is the immortal masterpiece left by the Bogren and his son. Statues of Four Presidents are Founding Father of Washington, Independence of Jefferson, Messenger of Peace Sr. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. After, you will go to Lakota Sioux Museum. Visit the Indian National Heroes Museum. The Memorial boulder here is the largest statue in the world. It is a hero fighting for independence carved by native Indians with their hard-earned money and the work of their own community.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch & Dinner: Optional
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Scottsbluff-Gering or similar

DAY 12  Scottsbluff - Denver International Airport ✈︎ LA International Airport (Sep 21) 

After breakfast at the hotel, head to the Denver International airport for the flight to return to home sweet home. We home you made the wonderful memories and had an enjoyable trip for 12days in Yellowstone and  Mount Rushmore National Memorial, let us look forward to seeing you next time! 

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12-Day Yellowstone National Park | President's Rock, Antelope Canyon, Las Vegas