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Sonic Travel and Tour has been providing high quality travel services in Southern California since 1997.
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff have more than 20 years of practical experience in the tourism industry. 


With our meticulous, professional itinerary arrangements, honest and reliable services, allow you to travel for leisure or business without any trouble.

Our travel itineraries all over the world. Asia, Europe, South America are our top attractions. We can also tailor your dream itinerary to your specific needs. Our ultimate aim is to provide the highest quality service to meet the needs of our guests; Here by, we guaranteed to meet your travel needs at the best reasonable price.

Sonic Tour also has a very good quality record. The good reputation allows many loyal customers to support our tour for a long time and recommend them to friends and relatives, so that our business is prosperous, and we are stricter in controlling quality and improving service levels to repay your long-term support.