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Japanese Classics 10 days| Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara

Departure date: Now until 2023/12/31
【Package included】
✔ 8 nights in 4-star+ hotels
✔ Round-trip transfer from the airport to the hotel
✔ Chinese speaking guided tour
✔ Daily hotel breakfast, 7 lunches, 6 dinners
✔ Shinkansen tickets, luggage delivery fees
【Package excluded】
✘ Round-trip international airfare from the United States to Japan
✘ Daily tip for tour guide and driver, USD 10 per day/person is recommended
✘ Beverages/drinks at restaurants except for Matsuchi Holidays
✘ Expenses are personal in nature

Itinerary Features Daily Itinerary Register for trip

Itinerary Features

The careful itinerary design is absolutely not going back
Specially arranged Kyoto maiko banquet to feel luxurious, increase the cost of building a shinkansen before staying in Kyoto

*Including luggage home delivery fee, easy and convenient, no need to carry your own luggage*

2 nights in luxury hot spring hotels of different styles: Yamanashi Prefecture Mt. Fuji Onsen, Kyoto Shiga Prefecture Lake Biwa Onsen
Tokyo Osaka: Stay in the city center for two to three nights and discover charm, eating, drinking, playing, shopping and night view


Kansai Classic Process:

  • Yamanashi: Visit Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Saiko, and enjoy the superb view of Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage Site, from near and far
  • Classic Sagano romantic train Romance train
  • Fujisan View Express offers intimate service and idyllic scenery
  • Fujigassho Village Iyashi No Sato Healing Village: A fairy tale in the quaint and tranquil mountains, overlooking Mt. Fuji
  • Fuji's latest observation spot, the Mishima Sky Walk
  • The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace: Enter a time tunnel and walk back to the Edo period and stroll through the Japanese garden
  • Tokyo Mizube Line: Take a cruise to enjoy the scenery from both sides of the river and the Skytree in the distance
  • Take the shinkansen (including luggage delivery fee) and see the best of Kanto and Kansai! Experience the world's first high-speed rail
  • Kamakura Kamakura feels the town style of one of the three ancient capitals, and especially increases the cost of riding the Hakone Ashibako 'One Piece| One Piece Pirate Ship', truly feel the charm of Fuji-Hakone National Park
  • The latest tide point is Shibuya Scramble Square


Kanto Four Seasons Itinerary: Adjust accordingly according to the season. Such as cherry blossom viewing, shiba cherry blossoms, autumn leaves festival, etc

  • Late March ~ Early April: Cherry blossom viewing on the Sumida River Cruise and Sumida River Park
  • Mid-April: Cherry blossom viewing on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi
  • Late April ~ mid-May: Cherry blossom viewing at Lake Motosu
  • Kyoto Kyoto: Experience the art and culture of the ancient capital and the enchanting scenery of the four seasons
  • World Cultural Heritage: Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple
  • Ride the Sagano Romantic Train along the Hozu River and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of spring cherry blossoms, summer greenery, autumn maples, and winter snow
  • Kyoto Zen Tour: Carefully designed classic walking routes of the ancient capital, and feel the flavor of the ancient capital in the alleys
  • Nara: Visit the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan. World Heritage Site - Todaiji Temple, Shinka Nara Park
  • Osaka: Osaka Castle Tower Feel the ambition of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the overlord of the Sengoku period. In the city center, taste a variety of traditional food and enjoy free shopping


 Daily Itinerary 

DAY 1 USA with an international flight to Japan - Tokyo 

  • Fly from the United States to Tokyo today, stay overnight on the plane, and arrive the next day.

DAY 2 arrives in Japan - Tokyo 

  • Today I will arrive in Tokyo, Japan in the evening, and rest at the hotel after dinner

Dinner: Specialty Japanese dishes
Hotel: Keio Plaza Shinjuku, Tokyo or Grand Nikko Hotel in Odaiba, Tokyo or similar

DAY 3 Imperial Palace East Gyoen National Garden - Sumida River Cruise - Sensoji Temple - Shibuya Scramble Square - Tokyo Bay Night View

  • Imperial Palace Higashi Gyoen: Part of the inner castle of Edo Castle, the moat has a large amount of green vegetation, like a park, and the interior retains the ruins of the Edo Castle Castle Tower, the largest castle tower in Japan, and you can enjoy the buildings built by the Tokugawa shogunate on a tour
  • Sumida River Cruise: Take a cruise to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river and the Skytree in the distance
  • Sensoji Temple: Asakusa Kamimon Kaninji Temple, Nakami Seto-do
  • Shibuya Scramble Square: A new landmark in Shibuya, you can enjoy the bustling streets of Shibuya from the observation deck at your own expense
  • Tokyo Bay at night: RAINBOW Bridge

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch: Asakusa Ancient Capital| Dinner: Japanese Wind SHABU
Hotel: Keio Plaza Shinjuku, Tokyo or Grand Nikko Hotel in Odaiba, Tokyo or similar

DAY 4 Kamakura Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine: Kamakura Daibutsu - Wakanomiya Oroji Sakura Road - Komachi-dori Tosan-Shinjuku - Kabukicho

  • Kamakura Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine: A must-visit spot in classic Kamakura, visit the Kamakura Great Buddha located in the courtyard of Kotoku-in
  • Wakanomiya Oroji Sakura Road: The straight Miyaraka Road in front of Hachimangu Shrine is even more beautiful in the spring cherry season
  • Komachi-dori-Tosan Street: After touring the entire Hachiman Shrine, why not go around Komachi-dori and enjoy a leisurely meal
  • Shinjuku Trend Zone and Kabukicho Never Sleeps: North of Shinjuku's East Exit, near Kabukicho, which gets more and more bustling at night, it is home to many restaurants, entertainment venues and movie theaters, and is one of the few large red-light districts in Japan, also known as the "Sleepless Street", which is still lit up late at night.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch: tempura| Dinner: Optional
Hotel: Keio Plaza Shinjuku, Tokyo or Grand Nikko Hotel in Odaiba, Tokyo or similar

DAY 5 Fujikogen Observation Train - Fuji Gassho Village - Lake Ashinoko Kawaguchi Cruise

  • Fujisan View Express Enjoy the beauty of Fuji: Visit Lake Kawaguchi and West Lake, and enjoy the superb view of Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage Site, from near and far
  • Special arrangement to ride Hakone Lake Ashiba's One Piece | One Piece Pirate Ship, truly feel the charm of Fuji-Hakone National Park

Breakfast: Hotel | lunch: Fuji specialty plate udon hot pot| Dinner: Onsen rock cuisine or Onsen Toyofu buffet
Hotel: Fuji Shimobe Onsen or Garden Touching の宿 Mt. Fuji Onsen Nagayama Court or similar

DAY 6 Mishima Sky Walk - Take the Shinkansen to Kyoto - Lake Biwa Onsen - Mishu Museum of Art

  • Mishima Sky Walk: Fuji's newest observation spot Mishima Sky Walk
  • Lake Biwa Onsen
  • MIHO MUSEUM: An art museum designed by I.M. Pei. About 200 works of fine art from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, West Asia, South Asia, etc., and about 200 pieces of Japanese art are exhibited at the same time (*If the museum is closed, other attractions will be substituted)

Breakfast: Hotel | lunch: Numazu Market or train bento Dinner: Onsen rock cuisine or Onsen Toyo buffet
Hotel: Yukoto Onsen Yumoto or Yukoto Onsen Hanagi or Ruriko Onsen Biwako Onsen Hotel or similar

DAY 7 TOROKKO Sagano Train - Bamboo Forest Path - Kyoto Arashiyama - Kinkakuji Temple

  • TOROKKO Sagano Train: Slowly drive along the Hozu River and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of spring cherry blossoms, summer greenery, autumn maples, and winter snow
  • Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Trail: Japan's most classic bamboo trail "Arashiyama Saga Wild Bamboo Forest Trail", specially arranged to experience traditional rickshaws
  • Kinkaku-ji Temple: World Cultural Heritage Site, the exterior wall of the core building of the temple, the Relic Hall, is decorated with gold leaf, so it is also known as "Kinkaku-ji Temple"

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch: Kyoto soup tofu Dinner: A4-A5 WAGYU SUKIYAKI SUKIYAKI SUKIYAKI
Hotel: Hotel Okura Kyoto or Hotel Nikko Princess or similar

DAY 8 Kiyomizu-dera Temple - Free time in Kyoto city

  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple: A World Heritage Site, a must-visit in Kyoto, Kyoto's oldest temple is built on the mountain, witnessing the renovation of the roof of the main hall after 50 years of absence, and the famous "Kiyomizu Stage" has been revived in front of the world
  • Kyoto Zen Tour: Selected Afternoon Routes, Stroll through the Classics of the Ancient Capital, Feel the Flavor of the Ancient Capital in the alleys, and explore Kyoto Nishiki Market or Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine at Senchi Torii
  • Dinner is specially arranged with Kyoto Maiko Evening Feast, feel luxurious

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch: Seasonal Cuisine| Dinner: Kyoto Maiko Evening Banquet
Hotel: Hotel Okura Kyoto or Hotel Nikko Princess or Imperial Hotel Osaka

DAY 9 Nara - Todaiji Temple: Nara Big Buddha - Osaka Castle - Shinsai Bridge - Dotonbori

  • Nara: Visit the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan
  • Todaiji Temple: A World Heritage Site, known as the world's largest wooden building, visit the Nara Buddha, the world's largest gilded bronze Buddha statue, said to use nearly 500 tons of copper and 440 kilograms of gold
  • Nara Park: Nara Park is home to about 1,200 wild deer, known as sacred deer, so don't miss out on getting up close and personal with docile deer
  • Osaka Castle: Osaka Castle Castle Pavilion Feel the ambition of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the overlord of the Sengoku period
  • Shinsaihashi Shopping Street, Dotonbori Food Street: Enjoy all kinds of traditional food in the city center and enjoy free shopping

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch: Nara Yamato| Dinner: Optional
Hotel: Imperial Hotel Osaka or Nikko Hotel Osaka or Hilton Osaka

DAY 10 End your pleasant trip to Japan and return home to your sweet home in the United States

A beautiful journey always passes very quickly, today will take a special car to the airport after breakfast at the hotel, return to the sweet home, let us look forward to the next trip to meet again~

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering.

Is this tour suitable for me?

  • ​​Suitable age: Due to quality considerations and local restrictions, only applicants over 12 years old will be accepted
  • Wheelchair access: Due to limited facilities, some attractions may need to be waived without refund. VIPs using wheelchairs must be accompanied by an assistant, and the tour guide cannot assist separately
  • Special diet: Please let us know when you register, and we will try our best to arrange it. We apologize for some special diets that are more restrictive, but we apologize for not being able to provide them​​

Local conditions :

  • Triple rooms are not available for this tour
  • Please check the description of the daily itinerary in detail


  • Under the epidemic control, the procedures and requirements for entering the country for foreigners are different from the past, please contact Sonic Tour for the latest information
  • If the visa is issued by Sonic Tour, once the document is delivered, no refund will be made under any circumstances


  • Please provide a copy of your passport when registering to avoid inconvenience during your trip by mistake; It is also recommended to bring a copy of your passport with you in case you need it
  • During the whole trip, you need to use the same documents as when you registered, so as not to delay the itinerary or cause unnecessary expenses or losses to the VIP if the documents do not match.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return and at least 2 blank pages marked "Visas."

Flights & Baggage:

  • Most airlines require a fee to pre-reserve a seat, which you can do online up to 24-48 hours before departure.
  • For guests who have booked their own tickets, if there is a transfer, it is recommended to reserve at least 3 hours of transfer time.
  • The weight and number of checked baggage are according to the regulations of each airline's international flight, and the excess weight fee must be borne by the VIP guests.


日本經典10日|關東, 關西 (東京 大阪 京都 奈良)
Japanese Classics 10 days| Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara