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Mystic Inca Tour | Peru 8 days

✈ Departure date: 10/02/2023
Five UNESCO World Heritage Tours
【Tour fare includes】
✔️ 6 nights in 4-star hotel
✔️ Transfer from airport to hotel
✔️ Accompanied by a Chinese-speaking tour guide and its cost
✔️ Three meals a day, a bottle of mineral water a day
✔️ Entrance tickets for attractions, boat tickets, train tickets
【Tour fee does not include】
✘ Daily tip for tour guide and driver, recommended USD 10/day/per person
✘ Additional personal expenses, telephone charges within the hotel, laundry charges
✘ United States-Lima round-trip international air tickets (approximately $800-$1200)
✘ $280 Airfare within Peru (Lima-Cusco round-trip airfare)

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Five UNESCO World Heritage Tours

Whether it's Machu Picchu, known as the City in the Sky, or
through the majestic Andes, or

from the exquisite Lima to the mist-shrouded ancient ruins
, Peru 
is definitely one of the must-visit places of a lifetime

Itinerary featured experiences

Lima| Cusco | Machu Picchu

  •  World Travel Awards 2012 World's Best Gastronomic Destination - Peru, Taste the must-eat food recommended by international travel magazines
  • Three natural wonders of South America – Balleastas Island Eco Tour.
  • Peek into the glorious history of the Inca Empire in CUSCO, the capital of the INCA empire, known as the “Roma of South America” and the “Navel of the world”.
  •   Visit Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the New World, the ruins of the ancient Inca Empire as the "City in the Sky" and the "Lost City"• Marvel at the Magnificent Terraces and Salt Pools Terraces of Murray and Maras in the mysterious valley of Xanadu and marvel at the greatness of the Creator
  • Visit the treasures of Lima, which show the glory of the Spanish colonial period

Daily Itinerary

DAY 1 USA with international flights to Lima, capital of Peru                                                                                          

DAY 2 arrives in Lima, the capital of Peru                                                                  

  • Today we will arrive at Lima, the capital of Peru, the birthplace of the ancient Inca civilization in South America and once the center of politics and religion in South America.The mysterious and rich ancient civilization of South America, full of ancient civilization culture, is about to begin!

Breakfast: X| Lunch: hinese and Western food meals| Dinner: Chinese and Western food meals

Hotel: Holiday Inn Miraflores 4 stars

DAY 3 Lima Half-Day City Tour                                                                                            

  • Lima, the "city of kings", has many old buildings in the city, showing the glory of the Spanish colonial period.
  • Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, it will take you to visit some of the city's main attractions:
  • Plaza San Martín • Central Square • Cathedral • Municipality of Lima Peruvian Presidency Church of San France's Crypti Palace

Breakfast| lunch| dinner: Chinese and Western cuisine meals

Hotel: Holiday Inn Miraflores 4 stars

DAY 4 Lima – Cusco                                                                                                                 

  • Take a flight to Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire, the "navel of the world", and get a bird's eye view of Cusco from the observation deck and see the life of alpacas and grass mud horses. Head to the Murray Terraces, the laboratory of the Agriculture of the Inca Empire, and the natural salt pool terraces just outside the old town of Maras
  •  Murray Rice Terraces: The circular terraces in a circle are an agricultural improvement house in the Inca period, and I really have to admire the wisdom of the Incas!!
  • Natural Salt Pond Terraces: Incredible and mysterious beautiful salt pans, where the sun shines on the salt pans as white and transparent as snow

Breakfast| lunch | dinner: Chinese and Western cuisine meals
Hotel: Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado 4 stars from the Sacred Valley

DAY 5 Cusco – Machu Picchu                                                                                                    

Take the highland sightseeing train to the ancient Inca Empire ruins of the Lost City, one of the Seven Wonders of the New World, and the temples, palaces, altars, bathhouses, terraces and other elaborate megalithic structures on the cliffs of Machu Picchu. After lunch to the spa town, if you have time, visit the traditional craft market in the Inca District

Breakfast| lunch | dinner: Chinese and Western cuisine meals
Hotel: Sonesta Hotel Cusco 4 stars

DAY 6 Cusco Ancient City Tour (Cusco) - Lima (Lima).                                                                 

Cusco's best city tour

  • Temple of the Sun: Once covered in gold, the temple was once "incredibly wonderful" by the Spaniards and converted into a Western-style church after the Spanish invasion
  • Plaza de Armas: In the center of the Plaza de Armas is a golden bronze statue of the Inca Emperor, the square is surrounded by the most important sightseeing area of Cusco
  • Cusco Cathedral: A church that took almost a century to complete. The oil painting of the church combines the architectural style of the Spanish Renaissance with the cultural colors of the Andean people at that time
  • An important military fortress during the Inca Empire - Sasavaman

After lunch, head to the airport to catch our flight back to Lima

Breakfast | lunch | dinner: Chinese and Western cuisine meals
Hotel: Hotel Holiday Inn Miraflores 4 stars in Lima

DAY 7 Paracas Civilization                                                                                                          

  • After finish breakfast at 5 o'clock, we will start today's trip at 6 o'clock to the cozy tourist paradise of Paracas National Nature Reserve. Visit the central coast of Peru Known for its solemnity, solemnity and majesty, the most famous temple "Lulin Valley" Today we will spend the night in Paracas

Breakfast| lunch | dinner: Chinese and Western cuisine meals
Hotel: Hotel La Hacienda Bahía Paracas 4 stars

DAY 8 Islas Ballestas - Lima - United States                                                                                

  • Take a yacht to Barrestas Island, also known as Bird Island, known as 'Peruvian Little Galapago', which is Peru's largest coastal wildlife reserve. The island is home to many marine animals and birds, and you can see flamingos, seabirds, sea lions, seals, and occasionally dolphins playing in the water~
  • The mysterious three-pronged candelabra fresco Candelabro de paracas: On a yacht, you can see a huge mural carved on the mountain wall on the island
  • After returning to the pier, head to the Paracas Museum of Culture - drive to the Long Sea Recreation Center in Lima.

After dinner, will be aboard on Feb-03-2023 01:00 and take the flight back to your sweet home. Let's look forward to the next journey together!

Breakfast: Chinese and Western cuisine meals | lunch: X| dinner: X

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering.

Is this tour suitable for me?

  • ​​Suitable age: Due to quality considerations and local restrictions, only applicants over 12 years old will be accepted
  • Wheelchair access: Due to limited facilities, some attractions may need to be waived without refund. VIPs using wheelchairs must be accompanied by an assistant, and the tour guide cannot assist separately
  • Special diet: Please let us know when you register, and we will try our best to arrange it. We apologize for some special diets that are more restrictive, but we apologize for not being able to provide them​​

Local conditions :

  • Triple rooms are not available for this tour
  • Please check the description of the daily itinerary in detail


  • Under the epidemic control, the procedures and requirements for entering the country for foreigners are different from the past, please contact Sonic Tour for the latest information
  • If the visa is issued by Sonic Tour, once the document is delivered, no refund will be made under any circumstances


  • Please provide a copy of your passport when registering to avoid inconvenience during your trip by mistake; It is also recommended to bring a copy of your passport with you in case you need it
  • During the whole trip, you need to use the same documents as when you registered, so as not to delay the itinerary or cause unnecessary expenses or losses to the VIP if the documents do not match.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return and at least 2 blank pages marked "Visas."

Flights & Baggage:

  • Most airlines require a fee to pre-reserve a seat, which you can do online up to 24-48 hours before departure.
  • For guests who have booked their own tickets, if there is a transfer, it is recommended to reserve at least 3 hours of transfer time.
  • The weight and number of checked baggage are according to the regulations of each airline's international flight, and the excess weight fee must be borne by the VIP guests.



Mystic Inca Tour | Peru 8 days