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Departure date: 2024/4/21
✔ 7 nights in a luxury hotel (3 nights in a hot spring hotel).
✔ Entrance fees to the sightseeing spots listed in the itinerary
✔ Meals as listed in the itinerary (5 lunches, 7 dinners).
✘ International round-trip air tickets (from about $1200).
✘ Daily gratuities for tour guides and drivers, USD10 per person per day
➥ Drinks in the restaurant

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  • Kyushu Roundabout, Beppu Hot Springs, 4 ~ 5 nights hot springs
  • Exclusive 3 nights in different city centre hotels for shopping and late-night snacks
  • Yu Fukuoka.Saga Yanagawa.Kumamoto.Shikakujima.Sakurashima Volcano, Miyazaki.New Land Marker Lalaport, Dazaifu Tenkogu Shrine.Kumamoto Castle + Sakuranokoji Castle Saien!
  • Golden Scale Lake is the hometown of the fairy tale forest of Yufuin
  • Heavy cost to increase the Kyushu traditional dynamic taiko drum experience!
  • Imperial Crab Feast (7 dishes).Yanagawa Kabayaki eel.Japanese cuisine.Saga Uyuyaki, Yanaga-Kabayaki eel




DAY 1 Heaven Hara ✈ Residence  Kyushu, Japan

  • Fly to Kyushu, Japan today! The flight arrived the next day!

DAY 2  Fukuoka Kyushu

  • Middle-earth never sleeps
  • Welcome fireworks display

Dinner: Kyushu Imperial Meal
Hotel: Luigan's Resort or Hilton Seahawk or similar in Fukuoka

DAY 3  Kyushu - Dazaifu-Beppu 

  • Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
  • Yanagawa Mizukawa Traditional Sightseeing Boat: Yanagawa in Fukuoka, Kyushu, is one of Japan's most famous water capitals, and Yanagawa City has a total of 930 kilometers of canals that connect all corners of Yanagawa River, and tourists can experience sightseeing cruises, shuttle through the quaint townscape of Yanagikawa, and enjoy local delicacies such as eel rice, which are all reasons why Yanagawa is a popular spot for independent travel.
  • Kyushu Yumedai Suspension Bridge: A high-altitude suspension bridge that crosses a secluded valley and passes through Oita Prefecture, and you can experience the feeling of walking in the sky. The Kueyume Otsugashi Suspension Bridge is the longest and tallest road bridge in Japan, offering views of Oita's countryside, two waterfalls, the Naruko River, and a valley 173 meters deep.
  • Or mid-April ~ May 07 Dream Wisteria Garden (Kurokicho): In addition to the famous Ashikaga Flower Park, the Kuroki Wisteria Festival in Fukuoka is also a famous place to enjoy wisteria in Japan, which is more than 600 years old and is registered as a national natural monument and blooms from late April to early May every year.
  • Beppu Onsen: Beppu is a hot spring town located in Oita Prefecture, a well-known hot spring prefecture in Japan, and almost the entire city is full of hot springs of all sizes, the most famous of which is the Eight Hells of Beppu, among which the largest sea hell, the blood-red "Blood Hell", is the most worth visiting. Beppu has eight hot spring areas, but there are about 3,000 outlets, far more than the average person can visit. There are both open-air and indoor hot springs, and the water quality is different, so there's something for everyone.

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Yanagawa eel cuisine|Dinner: Onsen cuisine
Hotel: Beppu Bay ROYAL HOTEL Hot Spring or Spa & Resort Hotel Sorage or similar

DAY 4  Beppu 

  • Beppu Hell Pilgrimage (Blood Pond, Tornado Hell Onsen)
  • Golden Scale Lake Tour: The hometown of the fairy tale forest of Yufuin
  • Grass Thousand Grasslands: Aso Volcano (Class 1 Active Volcano)

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Stove or Japanese|Dinner: Onsen Cuisine
Hotel: Bepwan ROYAL HOTEL Onsen or Spa & Resort Hotel Sorage or similar

DAY 5   Beppu-Miyazaki

  • Miyazaki: Statue of the Resurrection Islander on the Nichinan Coast
  • Cave Udo Jingu
  • Miyazaki Ichiban Street

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Seasonal Japanese-style Restaurant|Dinner: Onsen cuisine
Hotel: Miyazaki Kanko Hotel or similar

DAY 6  Miyazaki-Kagoshima 

  • Kagoshima is located in the Kyushu region of Japan, and although the name has the word "island", it is not an independent island, but is located at the end of the main island, because it is located at the southern tip of Japan, so it has a mild climate and abundant natural resources, so there are many local must-eat dishes, such as black pork dishes, Kagoshima ramen, etc., and the fruits and vegetables are also very sweet. In addition, Kagoshima has an active volcano, Sakurajima, which makes the Kagoshima area the second largest in Japan in terms of the number of hot springs
  • Kagoshima Kirishima Shrine
  • Sakurajima Lava Observatory
  • Kinkowan Ferry Tour

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Satsuma Kagoshima Cuisine|Dinner: Onsen Cuisine or Japanese Onsen Buffet
Hotel: Kagoshimakyo Sera or Kirishima Kanko Hot Spring Hotel or similar

DAY 7  Kagoshima-Kumamoto 

  • Kumamoto is located in Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kyushu region, and there are many sightseeing spots including Kumamoto Castle. Among them, hot springs are the largest, and the number of them is as high as 118. In Kumamoto, natural hot springs are part of the lives of the local people. During the recovery process after the 2016 earthquake, we will also share the "Sakura-nobaba Castle Saien", which is full of Kumamoto famous food and snacks.
  • Kumamoto Saijoen Shopping Street (One of the three most famous castles in Kumamoto Castle)
  • Suizenji Park
  • Kumamoto Kuma Department's Office
  • Shimodori Shopping Street

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Own care|Dinner: Hot spring cuisine or Japanese hot spring buffet
Hotel: Kumamoto Daiwa RYONET or Aso Kanko Onsen Hotel or similar

DAY 8  Kumamoto-Sasebo-Karatsu 

  • Sasebo 99 Islands
  • Sightseeing pirate ship
  • Imari pottery painting experience
  • Karatsu

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Saga Beef Grill|Dinner: Toyotomi Onsen Buffet
Hotel: Dangjin Seaside hotel or similar

DAY 9  Karatsu-Fukuoka-Fukuoka Airport-Return to America's sweet home 

  • Traditional taiko drum experience
  • Fukuoka Tenjin Shop Underground Mall

Breakfast: Hotel


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