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Chile·CELEBRITY ECLIPSE Argentina&Brazil 22-day cruise

Departure date: 2024/3/11
✔ 5 star hotel accommodation
✔ Transportation throughout the journey, entrance fees to attractions (as shown in the itinerary).
✔ Breakfast, lunch and dinner (as shown in the itinerary).
✔ A Chinese tour guide accompanies you
✔ 1 bottle of mineral water per person per day

➥ Any international ticket
➥ Tickets within South America:
- Iguasu Falls, Argentina ✈ (3/28) $128/person (approx. $35 without luggage).
- Iguasu Falls ✈ Rio (3/30) $250/person (approx. $35 without luggage).
✘ Daily tip of $10/person/day for tour leaders, tour guides, and drivers
➥ Expenses of a private nature

Itinerary Daily Itinerary Register for trip

The fee is divided into 4 segments, so that VIPs can freely choose to participate in 1-4 tours.
Details are as follows:

 ■ 1) Chile section (3/12~3/14)

  • USD $880(Twin room per person)
  • single room USD $270 (Single occupancy single room type, non-double room type single use)
  • The fee includes: standard four-star hotel, breakfast in the hotel with Western/American buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are mainly Chinese food, supplemented by local food, a total of 4 meals, 33-40 seats in the car, big tickets to attractions in the course (Mount Santa Maria de Chile, Neruda's House), Chinese tour guide throughout the journey, 1 bottle of mineral spring per person per day.

 ■ 2) Argentina & Brazil section (3/26~4/2) 

  • USD $2,130(Twin room per person)
  • Inclusions: Standard 5-star hotel, breakfast in the hotel with Western/American buffet breakfast (breakfast cannot be arranged in the hotel in case of early flight, breakfast fee is non-refundable); Lunch and dinner are mainly local meals, a total of 11 meals, a 40-seater car for the whole journey, big tickets to attractions in the itinerary (Argentine Teatro de Colón, Tango, Brazil Jesus Mountain, Bread Mountain, Iguazu Two Waterfalls Park, Iguazu Bird Park) Overseas Chinese tour guide, 1 bottle of mineral water per person per day.

 ■ 3) Airfares within South America 

  •  ✈ Iguazu Falls, Argentina (3/28) $128 per person (luggage not including, approx. $35/luggage).
  • Iguazu Falls ✈ Rio (3/30) $250 per person (luggage not including, approx. $35/luggage).

**Note: The above fares in South America are for reference only, and the ticket price is subject to the price at the time of booking. It is also necessary to cooperate with the international ticket back to Taiwan, and may be transferred to Rio first and then to Iguazu Falls, and there are more international flights from São Paulo.


​ ■ 4) Ship price Patagonia & Argentina 'Celebrity Cruise Crescent'(3/14~3/26)

Los Angeles to Chile //Fly back to Los Angeles from Rio (Round-trip ticket fare:$958 per person)

LA 603   N  11 MAR 1LAXSCL DK1  405P  650A     12 MAR

LA 2405 Q  01 APR 1*GIGLIM DK1  715A  1045A  01 APR

LA 534   Q  01 APR 1*LIMLAX DK1  1200P  640P    01 APR


San Francisco to Chile //Fly back to San Francisco from Rio (Round-trip ticket price: $786 per person)

UA1314 N  11 MAR  1*SFOIAH DK1 100P 650P  11 MAR

UA 847   11 MAR  1*IAHSCL DK1 830P 750A  12 MAR

UA 128   01 APR   1*GIGIAH DK1 905P 545A  02 APR
 611   02 APR   2*IAHSFO DK1 725A 950A  02 APR


11 MAR Day 1 Los Angeles (LAX) 405P depart, New York (JFK) 7:30P, Miami (MIA) 9:20P, Houston (IAH) 8:30P

  • The above four cities are available for direct flights to Santiago, Chile. The departure time of the four major cities is different, but the arrival time is around 6:30 to 7:30
  • The above provides departure times from four different cities, and everyone chooses to fly from Taiwan to the United States for connecting flights.

12 MAR Day 2 San Diego 

  • Arrive in Santiago, the capital of Chile in the early morning, pick up and transfer to the hotel to drop off your luggage, visit the center of Santiago, the Presidential Palace, the Plaza de Arcelas and other buildings left by the Spanish colonial period, after lunch, head to the Santa Maria de Santiago, take the cable car to the top of the mountain, overlooking the entire city of Santiago. After dinner, check in to the hotel for rest.

Breakfast: Self-care | Lunch (Western) | Dinner (Western) San Diego
Hotel: Intercontinental or similar

13 MAR Day 3 Santiago - Black Isle - Valpaleso 

  • After breakfast, drive for 1 hour and 30 minutes to Black Island to visit the former home of Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, visit the museum of his former home and learn about his life. This disparate structure houses some of Pablo Neruda's treasures, such as bottles, bow ornaments, shells and a variety of other eclectic pieces. Afterwards, head to a restaurant before visiting the beautiful seaside town of Black Island, where the sandy beach is enhanced by fragrant pine trees. Take a 2-hour drive in the evening to Concon, a quiet town by the sea. Upon arrival, dinner and rest at the hotel.

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (Chinese cuisine) Dinner (Western)
Hotel: Radisson Blu Acqua Hotel & Spa or similar

14 MAR Day 4 Valparaiso, Chile 

  • After breakfast, take a half-hour drive to Valparaíso, the seat of the Congress, and visit this port city, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to admire the graffiti art all over the streets, if you have time, you can go to Viña del Mar to see the stone statues of Easter Island, after that, head to the port to board the boat. Valparaíso (Spanish: Valparaíso, meaning "Valley of Paradise") is located on the Pacific coast and is the largest seaport in Chile. Brilliant murals and brightly coloured, bold and wonderful street art dominate this seaside town.

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (self-care) Dinner (on board)
Board today and leave at 6pm! Start your cruise!

15 MAR Day 5 Sea Cruise At Sea

  • All Day by Sea

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

16 MAR Day 6 Sea Cruise At Sea

  • All Day by Sea

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

17 MAR Day 7 Chilean fjord cruise

  • A Chilean fjord cruise will take you to one of the southernmost regions of the world. Admire the stunning fjord depths, the icy blue of huge glaciers, and the jagged peaks of snow-capped mountains from the comfort of a luxury cruise. As your gaze moves up the jagged walls of Mammoth Glacier, you'll have the chance to see Andean vultures and adorable Magellanic penguins.

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

18 MAR  Day 8 Strait of Magellan 

  • Chile's Strait of Magellan: This 350-mile journey is an experience on most cruisers' bucket lists. Named after the 16th-century Portuguese explorer and navigator Ferdinand Magellan, the Strait of Magellan is located in the southern region of Chilean Patagonia, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. On a cruise on the Strait of Magellan, you'll enjoy the pristine beauty of the plains of Tierra del Fuego in the distance, the majestic Amalia Glacier, the stunning Senoel Fjord, humpback whales, a colony of Magellanic penguins, and more. As you make your way through this corner of the world, you're sure to leave with stunning memories and photos, as well as stunning scenic highlights.

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

19 MAR Day 9 Punta Arenas, Chile 

  • Docked at 7:00 a.m. this morning! Punta Arenas is surrounded by towering mountains, beautiful national parks, vast ice fields, and towering glaciers. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the city itself has been a center of commerce and trade for generations. Hike through the Magellan National Preserve or visit the penguin colony in Senootway. Depart at 5pm!

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

20 MAR  Day 10 Ushuaia, Argentina 

  • Docked at 10am today! Ushuaia, Argentina: There is no city on earth that is further south in latitude. As a result, the sun shines for up to 18 hours each summer, providing ample opportunities to see glaciers, forests and oceans. Ushuaia is rich in history and culture. Formerly a missionary base, penal colony, and naval base, the town is increasingly becoming a major tourist destination, with many attractions, including restaurants, sightseeing spots, and casinos. Hike through the wilderness, explore Tierra del Fuego National Park, or hike along the coast and glacial lakes. The Museum of the End of the World gives you a glimpse (at your own expense) of the history and culture that have shaped the city, including a collection of artifacts and objects from the first expedition, as well as the indigenous people who once inhabited the area. Taste authentic Argentinian specialties made from the freshest seafood, such as king crab, sea bass, ceviche and grilled octopus or the ever-popular slow-cooked Tierra del Fuego lamb, at your own expense, along with delicious local wines. Sail at 7pm!

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

21 MAR  Day 11 Cape Horn, Chile 

  • Docked at 6 a.m. today! Depart at 8 o'clock! Cape Horn, Chile: Tierra del Fuego, the land of fire, is the most remote place in the Americas, and Cape Horn is its southernmost point. Named after the Dutch town of Hoorn in 1616, its rugged cliffs and windswept shores are inhospitable, and its rugged beauty creates a dramatic scene for the collision of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And, depending on the time of year, you may encounter huge waves or gentle currents on Cape Horn cruises. Visit Cape Horn National Park and explore this lush ecosystem protected by UNESCO. Established in the 40s of the 20th century, this 155,906-acre national park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

22 MAR  Day 12 At Sea 

  • All Day by Sea

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

23 MAR  Day 13 Puerto Madryn, Argentina 

  • Dock at 8am! This deep-water port was established in 1865 by Welsh immigrants. Stretching from Puerto Madryn to the Atlantic Ocean, the Valdés Peninsula is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to a large population of walruses, whales, and penguins far more than the few human tourists that have been there so far. Depart at 5pm!

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

24 MAR  Day 14 At Sea

  • All Day by Sea

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

25 MAR  Day 15 Montevideo, Ueuguay 

  • Montevideo is a completely modern city with a rich artistic tradition, and country estates are all around you. If you want to indulge yourself, delicious steaks are a specialty at almost every restaurant.

Breakfast (on board) Lunch (on board) Dinner (on board)

26 MAR  Day 16 Buenos Aires, Argentina 

  • Dock at 5am! End your cruise!
  • The boat arrives at the Argentine port at 5 o'clock, and the guide driver picks up all the guests at 6-7 o'clock and goes to the Argentine city, where the hotel drops off their luggage and visits the city of Buenos Aires
  • One of the three major theaters in the world, the Teatro Colón (note: tickets can only be booked on the same month, the theater will decide whether to open according to its performance time), Avenida de la Ville, Monument to Independence, Congress Square, Plaza de Mayo, Presidential Palace (Rose Palace), Buenos Aires Cathedral, San Telmo, Boca Club in the Boca district, Caminito, the birthplace of tango, Puerto Madero), the elegant Pont des Fem, and the Casino, which sits in the river La Plata
  • After lunch, in the afternoon visit Palermo Park, the Rose Garden, the Recoleta aristocratic quarter, the Noble Cemetery, the Tomb and Monument of Madame Perón, and in the evening to admire the Argentine tango and taste the barbecue.

Breakfast (boat), Lunch (Chinese cuisine), Dinner (Western) Buyi
Hotel: Shearton B.S or similar

27 MAR  Day 17 Buenos Aires 

  • After breakfast, go to the farmstead, ride a horse and a carriage, taste the wine of the nomadic Gaoqiao people of the Pampas, enjoy a barbecue feast, enjoy a gaucho song and dance show, and equestrian show. After that, drive back to the city, dinner, check in to the hotel for rest.

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (Western) Dinner (Chinese cuisine) Buyi
Hotel: Shearton B.S or similar

28 MAR Day 18 Bouyi-Izuki ✈ Foz do Iguaçu AR1750 EZE IGR 09:30 11:20 1H50M 

  • After breakfast, take a flight to Iguazu Falls at the junction of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, visit the Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina, take a small train to the depths of the primeval forest, then walk to the top of the waterfall on the plank road to feel the momentum of the magnificent waterfall, and then go to Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay to visit the border monument, cross the border into Brazil, and after dinner, check in to the hotel to rest.

Breakfast (WesternLunch (self-care) Dinner (Chinese cuisine)
Hotel: Bourbon catratas or similar

29 MAR  Day 19 Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) 

  • After breakfast, visit Iguaçu in Brazil, known as the 'Seven Natural Wonders of the World', Iguazu Falls National Park is formed by 275 large and small waterfalls, with a variety of landscapes stretching endlessly, walking boardwalks, arriving at the foot of the waterfalls, looking up at the magnificent landscape of the waterfalls, and often rainbows. Lunch at the waterfall restaurant in the park, then head to the Aviary where you can meet the toucan, the national bird of Brazil, as well as a variety of tropical birds and animals.

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (Western) Dinner (Chinese cuisine)
Hotel: Bourbon catratas or similar

30 MAR  Day 20 Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) ✈ Rio LA3685 IGU GIG 14:45 16:40 1H155M 

  • After breakfast, take a stroll in the small town of Iguazu, enjoy the fresh air of the natural oxygen bar, fly to Rio, a famous tourist city in Brazil, and after arrival, pick up dinner and check in to the hotel for rest.

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (self-care) Dinner (Chinese cuisine) Rio
Hotel: Hilton Copacabana or similar

31 MAR  Day 21 Rio 

  • After breakfast at the hotel, head to Jesus Hill, located at 2310 feet above sea level, the best place to visit Rio de Janeiro, with a giant statue of Jesus Christ, 38 meters high, 28 meters wide and weighing more than 1,000 tons, built to commemorate the success of the Brazilian independence movement. It can be seen from the city of Rio at any time and from anywhere, and it is a symbol of Rio.
  • In 2007, it was selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. We can take a picture with the towering statue of Jesus and look at the 14-kilometre-long Nietroy Bridge. After lunch, visit the famous Celeron Steps and take a photo stop. Beginning in 1990, Chilean artist Giorgio Celero has paved a 250-step staircase with colourful tiles, pottery shards and mirrors from 60 countries, connecting Rio de Janeiro's Lapa and Santo Terre neighborhoods. This is the gateway to one of Rio's most famous photo spots, where National Geographic Channel, Playboy magazine, and music videos by famous musicians such as U2 and Snoop Dogg have been filmed.
  • In the evening, take a stroll along the famous Copacabana Beach and enjoy the blue sky and white clouds, coconut wind and sea charm, and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean scenery. For dinner, a special Brazilian barbecue meal will be arranged

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (Chinese cuisine) Dinner (Western) Rio
Hotel: Hilton Copacabana or similar

01 APR  Day 22 Rio-Lima-Los Angeles

  • LA2405 GIG LIM 19:15 23:10 5H55M trans LA2478 LIM LAX 01:00 07:50+1 8H
  • After breakfast, head to Sugarloaf Mountain, a famous tourist attraction in Brazil, named after its resemblance to a French bread. Located at the entrance to Guanabara Bay, it is one of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the mountain, and after lunch, drive to H.STERN, the second largest gem center in the world, where you can watch the gemstone making process, before flying to Lima for a connecting flight back home.

Breakfast (Western) Lunch (Chinese cuisine)

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Chile·CELEBRITY ECLIPSE Argentina&Brazil 22-day cruise