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12-day comprehensive tour of 5 countries in Eastern Europe

✈ Departure Date: **15 people**
2024:7/17 , 8/14 , 9/4 , 10/9
✔ 10 nights in a 4-star hotel
✔ Chinese tour guide and transportation throughout the tour
✔ Daily breakfast, 10 dinners
✔ Entrance fees for the whole tour (as shown in the itinerary), bus tickets, and ferry tickets
✘ Round-trip international air tickets from the United States to Vienna
✘ Daily gratuities for tour leaders, guides, drivers, USD$15 per person per day

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| Itinerary Featured Experience |

  • Vienna, the capital of Austria, is the place where the Habsburgs flourished and declined, and the magnificent Baroque buildings such as the Hofburg Palace left over from the imperial period give people a sense of the prosperity of the Habsburgs. Vienna is also known as a city of music, with many famous musicians living and writing here, such as Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Feel the romantic atmosphere of music and art here.
  • Budapest is known as the "Danube Pearl" and the "Queen of the Danube", the retro Buda, the modern Pest, connected by bridges of different shapes and stories on the Danube, the shadows of boats and slender bridges, and the various carvings on the Heroes' Square tell the heroic deeds of the Hungarian ancestors, commemorating the history of Hungary for the millennium.
  • Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has complex Austro-Hungarian architecture, but the laid-back atmosphere makes the city more like a typical Mediterranean city, with its intoxicating coffee, neo-Gothic churches and medieval old town, also known as Little Vienna. The city of Lubiana, the capital of Slovenia, still preserves the walls of the Roman Empire and its beautiful mosaic floors, the Baroque Municipal Square, the 17th-century Roba Fountain, the unique triple bridge, the green-roofed twin towers of St. Nicholas's Cathedral... It's all unforgettable.
  • A visit to the most important town in the Austrian Alps Lake District, the wooden house-like buildings near the mountains and lakes, if you pretend to be in this lake and mountains, it seems to break into a paradise on earth.
  • The fairytale town of Kurenov, as if taking a time machine back 700 years, the Vltava River runs through the town in an S-shape, all the streets are paved with small stones and stone slabs, and the red roofs and colorful towers of the city are all over the city, like the shock of freezing time and space, which is fascinating.
  • Prague, the fairytale capital of Eastern Europe~ has the reputation of an open-air architecture museum, from the Gothic-style Charles Bridge to the Baroque buildings in the old city, the gorgeous and diverse cityscape is dazzling. Explore slowly at your pace and discover what the city has to offer. The city of Prague was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1992.
  • Lake Balaton is known as the largest lake in Central Europe, the small and charming Tihani Peninsula in the north of the lake, the island was built in the 11th century with monasteries and churches, simple traditional buildings, shops selling local traditional handicrafts, full of leisurely holiday style, from the high point overlooking Lake Balaton, the beautiful lake and mountains can be seen.
  • Croatia's most famous national park, Pretiviche National Park, was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1979, with 16 lakes and numerous waterfalls in the area.
  • Slovenian Emerald ~ Lake Braider is a must-visit scenic spot with a long history in Slovenia, with beautiful scenery and a paradise; from the lakeside overlooking the castle located on the cliff, it adds a bit of fairy tale feeling; the dusty city people come here, they must revel in the lake and mountains, and the fatigue of body and mind is swept away.
  • Romantic Wonderland ~ Austria's famous lake resort of salt lakes, a glimpse of the Alps Dream Lake and Mountain Love: Famous for its lakes, mountains and leisure destinations, there are 76 lakes in the region, which are connected like pearl necklaces in the Alpine mountains, showing a detached aura.
  • Prague is centered on the Voltava River, with the Castle District on the left and the Old Town on the right. The picturesque scenery on both sides of the riverbank, with its different seasons, is the best way to see the beauty of both sides of Prague.
  • GoedemorgenEurope is waking up from the earth, windmills, wooden shoes, flowers, cheese, bicycles, the impression of the Netherlands, alive you and my throbbing heartsGoedemorgen!Europe is waking up from the earth
  • Europe is waking up from the earth, windmills, wooden shoes, flowers, cheese, bicycles, the impression of the Netherlands, alive you and me

DAY 1  USA ✈︎ Vienna, Austria 

  • Today, prepare your luggage and relax your mood, pack your bags full of infinite expectations, and take a relaxed step to fly to Austria-Vienna on a luxury airliner.

DAY 2   Vienna 

  • Vienna was the capital of the Habsburg dynasty that ruled Europe for more than 600 years, and it is also the economic center of Europe, with a magnificent palace, rich music and art, and the world's great musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert... Vienna, the capital of the Empire, has been a center of cultural exchange between China and Europe since ancient times.
  • Schonbrunn Palace (admission included)The buildings are a fusion of Baroque and Gothic styles, and the atmosphere is magnificent, and it was once the residence of the royal family in successive dynasties. The Bear Brown Palace is the most representative palace of the powerful Habsburg Dynasty, where the famous Vienna Conference was held.
  • The history of the Ringboulevard, a cornucopia of architecture, dates back to 1857 and the wide streets surrounding the city center and the Hofburg Palace, which is lined with artistic buildings of the same period.

Dinner: Budapest grilled pork chops
:Austria Trend Doppio or similar

DAY 3  Vienna -243km- Budapest 

  • Heroes' Square Hősök tere is the main square of Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and the square is impressive. Located at the bottom end of Andrássy Street, it is connected to the city park. There are two important buildings on the square: the Museum of Fine Arts on the left, and the Art Hall on the right. Heroes' Square was built in Hungary to commemorate the 1,000-year history of the founding of the country, and in the middle is Budapest's famous landmark: the Millennium Monument, with a 36-meter-high centennial column. There are statues of 7 celebrities carved on the left and right sides. Statues of 7 tribal leaders from Hungary's creation in the 9th century, as well as statues of other historical figures in Hungary. Construction of the monument began in 1896 and was completed in 1929. The first five statues from the left were originally counted by the people who ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but were destroyed and rebuilt during World War II.
  • Fisherman's Castle Halászbástya (entrance fee included). It is another interesting building with neo-Gothic colors on the castle hill, and the night is the most charming time of the Fisherman's Castle, under the illumination of the lights, like a fairy tale sand castle, exuding a silvery white light that touches people's hearts, making people almost forget that the Fisherman's Castle was originally a pillbox built by fishermen for fortifications in the Middle Ages, and another legend is that this place was originally a place for fish trading in the Middle Ages, and in the 19th century, during the War of Independence, fishermen held on to their enemies here, and then gradually became a common name for Fisherman's Castle. 

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Danube River Cruise Dinner
Hotel: Novotel Budapest city or similar

DAY 4  Budapest -134km- Tihany -236km- Zagreb 

  • Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, is located on the north side of the lake and the small and charming Tihany Peninsula, where the island's 11th-century monasteries and churches, simple traditional buildings, and shops selling traditional local handicrafts are full of leisurely resort style. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, starts with the cathedral in the higher Kaputo district, which is the largest religious building in Croatia, with two towering minarets easily visible from all corners of the city.Today, however, the neo-Gothic church building was rebuilt after the 1880 earthquake and has a magnificent interior that preserves important antiquities from the 11th century. Walk through the souk to the stone gate, guarded by the Virgin Mary, where a portrait of the Virgin and Child is enshrined. It is said that a fire in 1731 destroyed the buildings of the Old Town, and only the stone door with the portrait of the Virgin Mary was not damaged. After passing through the stone gate, you will arrive at St. Mark's Church, which is famous for its beautiful mosaic collage roof, which is located in the heart of the old city and occupies a small area, but in the distance of a red-tiled Eastern European city, the characteristic roof of the church is impressive.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Local cuisine
:Doubletree By Hilton Zagreb or similar

DAY 5  Zagreb -134km- Plitvice Lake Park 

  • Plitvice Lake Park (2-day ticket included) - The closest thing to fairyland"Plitvice Lake Park, which was listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1979, is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe. The karst topography allows the Kolana River to form natural limestone steps, and the park's 16 large and small lakes are also known as "Plitvice Lakes National Park". The height difference forms countless natural waterfalls, and the four seasons landscape presents different appearances with canyons, waterfalls, and lakes, with the depth of the water, the height difference, the algae, the mineral content, and the light refraction, so that each lake has a different style. Take a traffic boat to push the water waves to the lower lake area, the scenery is exquisite and beautiful, but approachable, along the trail that has been arranged by the lake, from time to time you will hear the muddy stampede sound in front and back, in the trail sinking into the edge of the lake, fish, mallard ducks curiously explore the passing passengers, free to swim, the lake water is clear, the sun shines obliquely on the bottom of the lake soil and tree branches are clearly visible, this walk is like a theater performance, the finale is left to the end, from the trickle to the murmuring and moving, and finally the height difference of 78 meters waterfall in one go.
  • 【Plitvice Lakes National Park Upper and Lower Lakes may close some parks or adjust the tour route due to weather factors, subject to local conditions】

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Gram-style trout meal
Hotel: Jezero Hotel Plitvice or similar

DAY 6 Plitvice Lakes National Park -225km- Lubiana Ljubljana 

  • Plevis National Park - If the Lower Lake District is like a thoughtful woman, then the Upper Lake District is the brother of the four seas, the waterfalls gather magnificent and majestic, you need to stand far away to fully appreciate it, the vegetation grows along the mountain wall, the river water on the ground, before you reach the waterfall, you are attracted by the sound of the waterfall, at the end of the forest to see the sun, the willows and flowers are bright. Especially when the seasons change, the leaves are green, yellow, yellow and green, a discharge of white water in the whole piece of colorful rowing, like a museum painting, indescribable wonderful, the traffic boat in the lake water to play with the water marks, the lake water is elegant, a light push to smooth the disturbance, back to the same tranquility for 10,000 years.【Plitvice Lakes National Park Upper and Lower Lakes may close some parks or adjust the tour route due to weather factors, subject to local conditions】
  • The capital of Slovenia, Lubiana, is the political, economic and cultural center, and the city still retains the walls and beautiful mosaic floors built during the Roman Empire, the city is greatly influenced by Austria, and the whole street is Austrian-style, especially the old town on the bank of the Lubiana River with three bridges and the castle. Most of the houses in this area were built in the 15th and 16th centuries, and the Baroque town square, the 17th-century Roba Fountain, the unique triple bridge, the green-roofed twin towers of St. Nicholas's Cathedral, and the lively traditional markets are just a few of the sights you won't want to miss.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Local specialty
:Four Points by Sheraton Ljubliana Mons or similar

DAY 7  Ljubljana -55km- Bled -241km- Salzburg 

  • Lake Bled, also known as the Blue Lagoon, is surrounded by mountains and the scenery is as beautiful as a picture, the fairytale-like islands in the lake add to the lake's beauty, and the medieval castle on the cliff wall forms a beautiful reflection on the verdant lake.
  • Salzburg, the hometown of musical prodigy Mozart, first head to the Schloss Mirabell Garden, where the most impressive features are the Greek mythology-themed statues, fountains and flowerbeds where the song "Do Re Mi" was filmed. Continue to the Mozart House in the New Town, where the Mozart family lived from 1773 to 1780, and 9 Gatreed Lane, where Mozart wrote all his works as a teenager. Then head to Gatride Street, now a pedestrian zone, where you can stroll through the dazzling shop windows and look up to see the unique wrought-iron signs hanging from the shops on both sides.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Selected local dishes
:Fourside Hotel Salzburg or similar

DAY 8  Salzburg -73km- Hallstatt -209km- Krumlov 

  • The salt lake region east of Salzburg is one of Austria's most recognizable attractions and was once a famous salt mining region. The 76 lakes in the region, which are connected like pearl necklaces through the Alpine mountains, show a transcendent aura and were officially declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 1997. The most desirable town in the Lake District is the town of Hallstatt, which is like a fairytale, with its pastel-coloured European-style wooden buildings on the slopes of the lake, and the turquoise waters of the lake against the backdrop of the mountains.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Bohemian roasted pork knuckle flavor
:Gold Hotel or similar

DAY 9  Krumlov -172km- Prague 

  • The most famous fairytale town in the Czech Republic, Kurenov, was designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 1992, where the Voltava River forms an inverted S-shaped bay that cleverly divides the ancient city into two parts, the "Castle District" on the left bank of the river with ancient castles as the main city, and the "Old Town" on the right bank of the river with the Municipal Square as the center. Surrounded by rolling hills and verdant forests, the city is dotted with red brick tiles of houses, and the buildings, streets, churches, and fortresses of the Middle Ages evoke a sense of antiquity.
  • The Kruno Castle   is second only to Prague Castle in the Czech Republic. Overlooking the town from the castle district, the red-tiled and white-walled houses look charming in the sun, as if time had stood still in the 18th century. The colourful towers that point to the sky are the oldest part of the Castle District.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Czech roast duck cuisine
Hotel: NH Prague city or similar

DAY 10  Prague 

  • Prague Castle (entrance fee included). Go to the Old Royal Palace, the residence of the former kings of Bohemia, where the Czech presidential election is now held, then to St. Vitus Cathedral, where the kings were crowned, the most important landmark of Prague Castle, and the stained glass in the church is the work of the artist Mucha, which adds a modern touch to this thousand-year-old church, and then to Kafka's golden alleys, the narrow stone-paved lanes are flanked by colorful houses, which have now become all kinds of souvenir shops, and the aqua blue house at number 22 is the place where the writer Kafka wrote in the past
  • Charles Bridge spans the Vltava River, connecting the old town with the castle district, the century-old stone bridge  connecting the old town and the castle district, admiring the early building craftsmanship and statue art, the Charles Bridge, which is only pedestrian-friendly, exudes a different charm both day and night, and the scene of tourists and street performers is always in flux, adding a bit of liveliness to the stone bridge standing on the Vltava River
  • Prague Old Town  Square The old square of the old town of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is also known as Hussite Square because of the statue of the Czech reformer Jan Hus. The Old Town Square is surrounded by beautiful medieval buildings, including the Gothic Tyne Church, the Baroque St. Nicholas' Church, the old Town Hall and the famous Astronomical Clock. Most of the major festivals and festivals also hold events and markets in the square, accompanied by performances by street performers, making the whole square lively, so there are always a lot of tourists stopping to taste the charm of Eastern European enthusiasm.
  • Vltava Cruise The Voltava River is the longest river in the Czech Republic and divides Prague into the Castle District on the left bank and the Old Town on the right bank. Cruise the Voltava River on a boat ride and admire the elegant architecture of Prague on both banks. It's as if you have stepped back in time to the Middle Ages, like a complete journey through art, architecture and history.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Prague Tower Romantic Million View Restaurant
Hotel: NH Prague city or similar

DAY 11  Prague -158km- Telc -150km- Vienna 

  • Come to the city's Renaissance architecture, which dramatically towers over the hill and is surrounded by forests and lakes, and the pink buildings are breathtaking. Only when I saw it with my own eyes did I know that the colors of the whitewashed houses in the photos were so difficult to realistically present. Continue to the Schloss Belvedere, also known as the Belvedere. Prince Eugen built a summer palace on the land granted by the emperor, based on the Palace of Versailles. The entire Palazzo Beverdire was built on a gentle slope and took 24 years to complete. It consists of two baroque palaces, the Upper Palace and the Lower Palace, which was completed in 1716 and used as the residence of Prince Eugen. The upper palace is the place where Prince Eugen welcomes and holds a banquet, connecting the gardens of the two palaces, which form three levels according to the topography, each with a complex and classical connotation. Specially arranged to visit the Upper Belvedere Palace to see the most famous "kiss" of Klimt, the treasure of Austria.

Breakfast: Hotel|Dinner: Das Loft Michelin recommendation
:Austria Trend Doppio or similar

DAY 12  Vienna ✈︎ USA 

  • At the end of the wonderful journey, return to the sweet home in the United States, let's look forward to the next reunion!

Breakfast: Hotel


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12-day comprehensive tour of 5 countries in Eastern Europe (CH)
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