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Impression of Northern France 10 days

Departure Date: 2024:9/18 , 10/02 , 11/16 , 12/17
【Package Inclusion】
✔ 8 nights hotel accommodation (4 star hostel).
✔ Full transportation, attraction tickets (as shown in the itinerary).
✔ The tour leader Chinese the whole process
✔ Daily breakfast, 4 lunches, 8 dinners (as shown in the itinerary).

【Tour fee not included】
✘ International round-trip air tickets
✘ Alcohol charges in the restaurant
✘ Daily tip for tour leader, tour guide, driver, recommended USD$15 per day/person
✘ Expenses of a personal nature

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  • Saint-Michel is an island on the sea, located at the junction of North Normandy, the English Channel and the Brittany Peninsula, one kilometer off the coastline. The island's most famous attraction is the hill-based Abbey of Saint-Michel, whose balconies offer views of Saint-Michel's Bay, where the church's rigorous Romanesque arcades contrast with ornate Gothic and stained glass that shines in breath-taking. Worshippers have made pilgrimages to this religious island for hundreds of years, and today it is visited by three to four million visitors and pilgrims every year.
  • The world's most luxurious palace built by Louis XIV, King of Versailles, combines luxury and power, with crystal lamps, carvings and gold ornaments, immersed in the golden age of French hegemony.
  • The beautiful Lady's Castle of Château de la Royale Castle Royale T
  • Impressionists on the Elephant Trunk Coast-Monnet and Renoir loved the sea erosion realm, the cliffs entering the sea like elephant trunk, admiring the magnificent natural wonders.
  • Van Gogh Town.Ovi impressionist painter Van Gogh, lived in Ovi in his later years, followed the master's paintings to visit Ovi Church, Town Hall, and the 17th-century Ovie Castle.
  • Romantic taste buds.Seine River Cruise Feast Enjoy the famous scenery along the Seine River on a cruise, enjoy a three-course moving feast, taste exquisite ravioli with fine wine, listen to live singing, the night of Huadu is brilliant and charming, which makes people deeply intoxicated!

Day 1 USA ✈ Paris, France

  • Fly to the French capital ~ Paris today!

Day 2 Paris 

  • La Tour Eiffel,  The French call the Eiffel Tower the "observation deck of the capital", with more than 7 million visitors a year, showing the charm of the Eiffel Tower around the world. In 1889, the ribbon was cut at the opening of the Paris World Fair, and the avant-garde bold openwork design successfully attracted the attention and praise of the public.
  • The Arc de Triomphe Towering over the Champs-Élysées, the ancient Roman Arc de Triomphe was conceived and built in 1806 by Napoleon in recognition of the French army's achievements after his victory. Lifelike carvings carve into people's hearts, allowing you to feel the magnificence of the Arc de Triomphe and bring a sense of pride in the wind.
  • Musee du Louvre (admission included) One of the world's three major museums, the Louvre has been a museum since 1793 with its glass pyramid, which has been a museum since 1793. Follow the guided tour, admire the famous Louvre Three Treasures, and immerse yourself in peerless and wonderful artworks.

Dinner: Belgian white wine mussel pot
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile or similar

Day 3  Paris -44km- Versailles Palace -77km- Chartres 

  • Chateau de Versailles The 1,600-hectare Palace of Versailles (with entrance tickets) is a symbol of the era of royal power, a favorite of Louis XIV of France, and a model of court architecture, which took years to complete. Marvel at the splendid top court architecture and marvel at its undying brilliance.
  • Chartres houses a Gothic cathedral of perfect Shattere, which was the first French ancient building to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stained glass of "Shake Blue", the spacious main hall, and the 30 wonderful carvings on the semicircular cloister tell the extraordinary life of Jesus.

Breakfast: Hotel buffet Dinner: Selected dishes from Shater
Hotel:Mercure Chartres Cathedral or similar

Day 4  Shater -123km- Chambord -62.5km- Castle Seno -33km- Tours 

  • Chateau de Chambord (with tickets) took  138 years to build and has a true royal style, full of grandeur and dignity. Legend has it that another wonderful view of the castle, the "spiral double staircase", was created by Leonardo da Vinci, and as the spiral staircase ascended to the terrace, you imagined the ambitions of French I.
  • Château de Chenonceau (admission included) The "Lady's Castle", built on the Snow River,  a tributary of the Royal River, is the most beautiful castle on the banks of the Royal River. The design shows creativity and ingenuity, and the gentle posture of the style is soft, showing the romantic and elegant taste of women, which is indescribably beautiful.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Dinner: Recommended by the chef in the hotel
:Novotel Amboise or Mercure Center Tours or similar

Day 5  Dürr -216km- Nantes -179km- Saint-Malo -53.7km- Mont Sanit Michel 

  • Nantes leans against the long Royal River, and Nantes is full of poetry, and comes to the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, which has a moat, and the walls are imposing. Looking at the Gothic architecture Nantes Cathedral, which took 457 years and was completed in 1891, it is a center of faith and a local landmark.
  • Saint-Malo  Walk up to the pirate city of Saint-Malo with its thick ancient walls and gaze at the surging and exciting North Sea and Shouwang Island between the waves. The century-old stone houses and stone streets within the city walls show a different medieval atmosphere, as if you meet the joyful atmosphere of pirates returning home.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Lunch: Normandy cuisine|Dinner: Recommended by the chef in the hotel
:Relais Saint Michel or similar

Day 6  Mont Saint-Michel -156km- Cabourg 

  • Mont Saint-Michel Hills Mont Saint-Michel stands on a sandbar with medieval houses and steep alleys that continue medieval traditions. When you enjoy the tenderness of the bay, you can see the scenery as you see it, so you can enjoy a magnificent view all year round.
  • Mont Saint-Michel Abbey (admission included) In the middle of the tide, Mont Saint-Michel is connected to the mainland by only a narrow embankment, and at high tide it is an isolated island in the sea. Step into the city walls and follow the pilgrimage route through the Hall of Miracles, where monks meditate, and take you to explore the mysterious Mont Saint-Michel monastery.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Lunch: Saint-Michel cuisine|Dinner: Recommended by the chef in the hotel
:Domaine De Villers & Spa or similar

Day 7  Carborough -48km- Honfleur -45km- Etretat*Elephant Trunk Coast* -87km-Rouen 

  • Honfleur The port  town at the mouth of the Seine, with its sails reflected in the sea and Normandy-style wooden houses standing side by side, attracted countless Impressionist masters who were fascinated by the city's changing light and shadow. Walk through the century-old wooden church and feel the devotion of the Normans.
  • Travelers like Etretat for its towering cliffs and pebbled beaches. Both the Impressionist masters Monet and Boudin came to Etterta and left beautiful paintings, and the writer Maupassant called the beautiful cliffs "an elephant sticking its nose into the sea", and the elephant trunk coast became famous.
  • Joan of Arc's story comes to an end in Rouen, whose last prayers still ring in her ears. The light and shadow of Rouen Cathedral touched the heartstrings of the impressionist master Monet. Narrow and quaint streets and beautiful 15th-century fairytale wood-framed houses await your visit.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel | Lunch: French seafood | Dinner: Normandy preferred restaurant
Hotel:Rouen 4 stars Mercure Rouen Centre Cathedrale or similar

Day 8  Rouen -87km- Monet Garden -62km- Auvers sur-Oise -37km- Chantilly 

  • Walking into  the Maison de Monet (admission included), you can also see that the ornamental furniture in the room is still intact, and you can even see many collections of Monet's favorite paintings. Then walk into the famous Monet Garden, you can see a variety of colorful flowers blooming, butterflies flying, bees collecting honey and other scenery, with the beauty of the way to welcome the arrival of tourists.
  • The impressionist master Van Gogh finally lived in the small town of Ovie, and the scenes he painted such as the Ovi Church and the Town Hall are so vivid.
  • Visit the 17th-century Ovie Castle for a journey through time, recreating its glory days.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Lunch: French town cuisine|Dinner: Recommended by the chef in the hotel
:4 starsChateau de Montvillargenne or similar

Day 9   Chantilly -55km- Paris 

  • Château de Chantilly (admission included), known as a castle on the water, was built in 1358 and is surrounded by water on three sides and surrounded by forests. The castle houses medieval paintings and other fine art works. After the 007 movie "Thunder Killing" came to be filmed here in 1985, tourists from all over the world came to visit the pilgrimage.
  • Seine cruise (dinner with ticket) Listed as a World Heritage Site in 1991, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking a cruise on the banks of the Seine, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, from Place de la Concorde to the Palais des Princes and Palais. A gentle breeze greets you, exhaling lightness.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel | Dinner: Seine River cruise
Hotel:Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile or similar

Day 10 Paris ✈ USA

  • After breakfast at the hotel today, return to the United States


Our company's official website group rates apply to groups of 10 people or more.
Groups of 2-6 people will have the driver acting as a guide.
Groups of 2 people do not include meals.

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