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2024 SouthernFrance|Provence 11day

Departure Date: **15 people tour**Chinese tour guide
2024: 9/26 , 10/10 , 11/14
【Package Inclusion】
✔ 9 nights hotel accommodation (4 star hostel).
✔ Full transportation, attraction tickets (as shown in the itinerary).
✔ The tour leader Chinese the whole process
✔ Daily breakfast, 4 lunches, 8 dinners (as shown in the itinerary).
【Tour fee not included】
✘ International round-trip air tickets and inland flights from Nice to Paris
✘ Restaurant alcohol and personal expenses
✘ Daily tip for tour leader, tour guide, driver, recommended USD$15 per day/person

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  • Shake the Twin Walls. Carcassonne Castle, Europe's largest existing double-walled defensive fortress, strolling beside the majestic ancient walls, people are so small at the moment in awe of the grandeur of the World Heritage Site.
  • The magnificent Roman Gade Aqueduct Bridge crosses the 2,000-year-old three-tiered Roman aqueduct, and now stands between rivers and woods, exuding the breadth and depth of ancient times.
  • The Christian town built along the cliffs of the river valley looks like a city in the sky. Take a dip in the quaint mountain town trails overlooking the babbling landscape.
  • The winery of Saint-Timilion is slightly drunk in Bordeaux|the World Heritage city of Bordeaux, which is home to many famous ancient appellations. Specially arranged wine tasting at Château Saint-Timilión, where a professional sommelier will take you to taste the classic style of southern France.
  • Delicious and juicy.authentic oil-sealed duck dishes, a popular traditional dish in Sarah Town, the tender duck legs are soaked in duck fat, then slowly cooked at low temperature, and enjoyed with duck liver, the taste is dreamy.
  • Southern French stomach warming casserole cuisine, South French unique meal wontons, pork, lamb, vegetables, white lentils and spices into the casserole, after a long period of cooking, original classic and charming taste.


Day 1   USA ✈ Paris, France 

  • Fly to the French capital ~ Paris today!

Day 2   Paris 

  • The flight arrives today!
  • Montmartre & Sacré Coeur Montmartre, the temple of literature and art, where painters Renoir and Picasso lived. The Sacre Coeur on the steps of the hill, a fusion of Roman and Byzantine styles, is amazingly carved. Thete Square holds a painters' market from time to time, and you can feel the literary life jumping between the canvases.
  • La Samaritaine is a visit to the magnificent Samaritaine Department Store. This €700 million department store showcases Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture and looks up at ornate handmade murals. More than 600 fashion brands, becoming a new focus of shopping.

Dinner: Belgian white wine mussel pot
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile or similar

Day 3 Paris -TGV-Bordeaux【Train reference time: 9:47A/12:45P】

  • Take the French TGV high-speed train (ticket included) to Bordeaux and experience a comfortable and innovative travel transfer experience, fast and convenient, and continue the rich and colorful journey.
  • Bordeaux is a port city, the natural maritime warm climate, coupled with the excellent soil, is very conducive to the cultivation of grapes, is to produce world-famous wines. Neoclassical buildings, such as the Place de la Bourse and the Opera House, are so elegant and charming. The first bridge in Bordeaux to cross the Garonne, connecting the left and right banks of the Caronne, the Pont Pierre has been closed to cars since 2018 and is only accessible to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport. Once a defensive gate of Bordeaux, the Porte de Ceuillo was also carved with a statue of the king and was listed as a French monument in 1883.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Dinner: Recommended by the chef in the hotel
Hotel:5 stars InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel or 4 stars Hotel Burdigala Bordeaux或 Pullman Bordeaux Lac or similar

Day 4  Bordeaux -45km-Saint-Emilion -132km- Sarlat-la-Caneda 

  • Saint-Timilion is one of the most important and oldest appellations in Bordeaux, France, with 5,400 hectares of vineyards and world-renowned wines. Special winery tastings, wine cellar visits (admission included), and a sommelier will take you through the winemaking process.
  • Dordogne River Cruise is lined with steep rocky Dordogne River and is flanked by quaint houses, spires and ancient castles. Take a Doddany River cruise (ticket included) and enjoy the beautiful landscape and poetry of the valley, and you will encounter elegant swans frolicking on the river.
  • The town of Sarah, a food town in the southwest France, is warm and charming, and the limestone buildings that have survived in the Middle Ages have become warmer after the years, walking through Freedom Square, Salamander Street, and the Top Tower of the Dead, and the alleys are full of the beauty of the dialogue between the old and the new.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Dinner: Authentic duck dishes
Hotel:Au Grand  Hotel de Sarlat or similar

Day 5  Sarlat -51km- Rocamadour -256km-Carcassonne 

  • The unique cliff terrain of Greeting Kamadhoo is a well-known pilgrimage site for Christianity - Greeting Kamadu, along a mountain path along the beautiful cliff, which is the 14 stops of Jesus' tortuous path from judgment to crucifixion and final resurrection. Take the elevator cable car (cable car ticket included) to the top floor of the mountain town and visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Black. Carcassonne Castle, known as the ancient Roman Disney Castle, takes you to bathe in the medieval Romanesque tower wall, which is also the largest and best-preserved wall fortification in Europe, strolling on the medieval stone path, bypassing the ancient wall barriers, as if in the era of knights.

Breakfast: Buffet breakfast in the hotel|Dinner: Kashulet (soybean saucepan) local cuisine
Hotel:Tribe Carcassonne 4 star or Sowell Hotel Les Chevaliers 4 star or similar

Day 6  Carcassonne  -226km- Pont du Gard -25km- Avignon 

  • The Guardian Aqueduct Bridge, which is over 2,000 years old (admission included), lies elegantly across the Garton River. Made of huge stones, with a total length of 50 kilometers and a drop of only 17 meters, the precise measurement and construction technology are amazing!
  • Surrounded by medieval stone walls, the Papal Palace and the Papal Palace Square on the hill were built in the 14th century by the Holy Roman Empire. The broken bridge Saint-Benéze (ticket included) located on the Rhône River is famous for the French nursery rhyme "On the Avignon Bridge".

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel Dinner: Provençal country cuisine
Hotel:Mercure Pont d'Avignon or Mercure Avignon Palaisdes Papes or similar

Day 7  Avignon  -49km- Roussillon *Red Earth Nature Park* -48km- Avignon * 

  • Provence red art mountain city Husillon, also known as Red Village, a red village built of red soil, the red soil canyon of the cliffs, very similar to the Grand Canyon of the United States, so it has the reputation of "Little Canyon", charming small shops scattered all over the small village, intoxicating.
  • Red Earth Nature Park The Orche Footpath's beautiful red soil, after tens of millions of years of plate movement and sun exposure, under the interweaving of heat and humidity, depicts the ever-changing Red Earth Natural Park of Huxiyong, wandering the red clay steps, lush green plants and trees blooming from the red soil, like a natural geography classroom. Gohede Gordes overlook the white mountain city of Gohede, a small village built on the mountain, exuding warmth and simplicity, showing the medieval style everywhere. Gohode is known as one of the most beautiful villages in France, get your camera ready and hit the mountain town of Provence.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel | Dinner: Provencal cuisine
酒店:Mercure Pont d'Avignon or Mercure Avignon Palaisdes Papes or similar

Day 8  Avignon -31km-Les Baux De Provence -20km-Arles-75km-Aix en Provence 

  • Les Baux de Provence According to the Provencal dialect Les Baux means "castle", the fortress on the white rock mountain was once an easy to defend and difficult to attack bunker, although it is in ruins, but the layers of houses are still there, walking in the mountain city surrounded by cliffs, there is a kind of beauty in the heart.
  • Carrières de Lumières, a historic quarry in southern France, bred magnificent limestone, is now created by the creators as an IG check-in destination art light quarry (ticket included), using digital projection to project the famous book on a huge wall of 14 meters, with musical melodies, to achieve an unmissable feast of literature and youth.
  • The town famous for Van Gogh, Arles was converted into the Van Gogh Center. Visit the Van Gogh Cafe, the attraction of the "Cafe Under the Stars" painting. The traces of life left by the ancient Roman Empire, through the arena (including tickets), semi-circular theater, and knight's door, can be glimpsed one or two.Aix en Provence, the city of a thousand springs, Aix, is the hometown of the artist Cézanne, admire the sculpture art of the round pavilion fountain, and see what Cézanne's inspiration source city is like. Stroll through the former aristocratic favorite Mihaber Avenue, she is elegant, she is sophisticated, she is the bloom of leisure.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Dinner: Recommended by the chef in the hotel
Hotel:4 starsGrand Hotel Roi Rene MGallery or similar

Day 9  Aix en Provence -33km- Marseille -220km- Monte Carlo -21km-Nice 

  • The novelist Alexandre Dumas said: "Marseille is the meeting place of the whole world". It is a typical port city, mixed with the best of various cultures, from wandering sailors, vacationing tycoons, artists... , 18th century laneways with Byzantine architecture. Intoxicating.
  • Vieux Port is the most important place in the city, if the Watchhouse of Our Lady on the top of the hill is the spiritual pillar of the Maasai, then the pier is the god who created the soul of Marseille, Marseille is the largest port in France, since the occupation of the Romans in 49 BC, has been the important town of Eastern trade goods into the West. Her ties to the Middle East and North Africa are quite close, and the exotic and beautiful styles come ashore from the pier and combine with the culture of the continent to form the unique appearance of Marseille. When you come to Monaco, you will find that its opulence comes from the fresh sea breeze, the elegant grandeur of the Prince of Monaco Palace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the palm-lined Casino Real Monte Carlo in front of famous cars, showing the epitome of aristocratic life.
  • Nice waters are not just blue, but also clear colors, stroll through the traditional market of Salea in the Old Town and feel the sunshine of southern France, the flower beds and palm trees of the English coastal promenade, the handsome men and women on the beaches of Nice, people are enchanted by the charming atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Breakfast: Buffet style in the hotel|Dinner: Côte d'Azur cuisine
Hotel:Hotel Splendid Nice or similar

Day 10  Nice -12km- Eze -40km- Saint Paul de Vence4 ✈ Paris【Reference flights: 7:00P/8:40P】

  • In the Middle Ages, Aiz aise rose because of its geographical location, because it was like an eagle's nest hanging on a 429-meter-high cliff, Aiz was known as the most beautiful eagle's nest village in France, stone steps, chapels are well preserved, and the former stone houses have become unique art galleries, restaurants or cafes, and the steps are like walking through a labyrinth, from the top of the mountain to the perfume factory at the foot of the mountain, all the way full of sight and smell of sensory feasts.
  • Saint Paul de Vence is decorated with antique alleys and pettled cottages with stone tiles. The fountain of St. Paul reveals the art of the mountain town of the Côte d'Azur, which can be called an example of a LOHAS town. Come to the tomb of Chagall and admire the artistic realm created by the beloved master of surrealism.

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet in the restaurant|Lunch: Pan-fried sea bass dishes from the São Paulo region|Dinner: Optional
Hotel:5 stars Sofitel Le Scribe Paris or InterContinental Paris Le Grand or similar or 4 stars in center city

Day 11  Paris ✈ USA

  • Fly back to your sweet home~

Breakfast: On-site buffet breakfast


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Groups of 2 people do not include meals.

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