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Japan Hokkaido 6 days 4 Nights

Departure Date:*10 pax*
2024: 6/15、7/9、8/10、9/7

【Tour fee included】
✔ 4 nights in a 4-star hotel or spa hotel
✔ Full transportation, Chinese tour guide, attraction tickets, bus tickets
✔ Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner (as shown in the itinerary).
【Tour fee not included】
✘ International air tickets
✘ Daily tip for tour guide and driver, USD 10 per day/person is recommended
✘ Drinks and drinks provided in the restaurant except for Matsuchi holidays

Itinerary Daily Itinerary Register for trip
  • A once-in-a-lifetime view ~ [Biei, Blue Pond] ~ Jewel-like sky blue
  • Otaru City Romantic Tour [Otaru Canal, Kitaichi Glass, European Style Steam Clock, Otaru Music Box Hall]
  • Hokkaido Super Popular Spots~Asahiyama Zoo【Snow-white giant polar bear + cute petite penguin】
  • Hokkaido seasonal cuisine, marbled beef cuisine, snow crab cuisine, hot spring cuisine, etc.!


Day 1  USA ✈ New Chitose Airport (CTS), Hokkaido, Japan

Fly to Hokkaido, Japan today! Due to the time difference, the class arrived the next day!

Day 2  Japan.HokkaidoShinsenki Airport - Sapporo 

  • Hokkaido Jingu is the head town of Hokkaido and one of Hokkaido's most iconic shrines. Hokkaido Jingu Shrine is located in Enzan Park, and the park scenery and shrine architecture are quite beautiful, and you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, maple trees in autumn, and snow and plums in winter. (Cherry blossom and maple viewing spots)
  • Tokiwa Park is the first park in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, where you can enjoy azaleas in spring, water lilies with Shiratori pond in summer, and red leaves in autumn, and snowy landscape in the silver world in winter. Odori Park is 100 meters wide and is divided into a north-south street park with a strip of green space, and is also known as the Odori Escape Area, which is located in the center of Sapporo City. There is a TV tower in the park, which is about 174 meters high; The flower bed is planted with lilacs, and sitting on the stone steps next to the flower bed is like being in a sea of flowers. The promenade full of birds and flowers and the snow festival in winter attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Heiwandori Shopping Park is a must-visit shopping street in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and was established in June 1972 as the first permanent pedestrian trail in Japan, even earlier than Ginza, Tokyo.

Dinner: Seasonal Jigen cuisine
Hotel: Solaria Nishitetsu Sapporo Sapporo or Keio Plaza Sapporo or similar

Day 3  Sapporo - Asahiyama Polar Bear Zoo

  • Shirogane Seike Shirogane Blue Pond is located in Miei, Doo, and is a famous sightseeing spot because of the beautiful scenery of the pond water, which is used on Apple's computer desktop, and every year from mid-May ~ late June, when the pond water is at its bluest, the trees are reflected on the turquoise blue lake, showing an indescribably beautiful color.But in fact, the scenery of Qingchi, with the change of seasons and weather, has different styles throughout the year, especially in autumn, under the yellow, orange, red and green leaves, the blue of Qingchi Lake is more distinct, like a fairy tale book romantic beauty. Farm Tomita is located in Furano, Hokkaido, and is famous for its large lavender fields, and in addition to the oldest traditional lavender fields, there are forest lavender fields, flower people's fields, and the Mother Garden, among which the most popular garden for many travelers to Hokkaido is the colorful flower field! Colorful flowers such as orange California poppies and oranges combine into a beautiful flower field like a rainbow, attracting a large number of tourists and becoming one of the famous check-in spots in Hokkaido!
  • Flower Garden, Autumn Sky Prairie (September-October)
  • Founded in 1967, Asahiyama Zoo is the northernmost zoo in Japan, and the number of visitors to Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City surpassed Ueno Zoo in the summer of 2006 to become the most visited zoo in Japan and voted the most popular zoo in Japan. Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City has been selected as the preferred zoo in Japan as a must-visit once in a lifetime by making many elaborate designs so that visitors can clearly observe the vivid expressions and natural dynamics of animals.

Breakfast: In the hotel|Lunch: Biei seasonal cuisine|Dinner: Hokkaido's popular Imperial Crab Banquet
Hotel: Solaria Nishitetsu Sapporo Sapporo or Keio Plaza Sapporo or similar

Day 4  Sapporo - Otaru - Toyako Onsenkyo

  • The town of Otaru Canal was excavated in 1914 and completed in 1923 over nine years, with a total length of 1,140 meters. The rows of red-brick warehouses along the Otaru Canal are testament to Otaru's former prosperity comparable to Wall Street in New York. With the development of the times, today, as a historical tourist spot, the warehouses and banks on both sides have been transformed into restaurants, shops and museums, showing visitors the romantic style of the past.
  • Kitaichi Glass Crystal Kan, known as a glass workshop, is one of Otaru's famous tourist spots, and there are 18 shops in Otaru, each with its own unique style and characteristics, and Building No. 3, which has been renovated from an old warehouse, displays the world's most exquisite glass crafts and oil lamps, including glass products and accessories from all over the world. The Music Box Museum has a collection of Western, Oriental, classical and modern music boxes, allowing you to immerse yourself in beautiful music and elegant craftsmanship.
  • ** Optional activities [A. Riku Geisha Memories Rickshaw or B. Kai. Otaru Canal Sightseeing Boat or C. Empty Tengu Mountain Ropeway] ~ Nostalgia Warehouse, Kerosene Lantern Cafe.
  • Private cell recommendation (own expense): [A. LeTAO or B. North Tower] ~ Toyako Onsen Village

Breakfast: On-site|Lunch: Otaru or Jikotan Peninsula Fishing Port Cuisine|Dinner: Four Seasons Onsen Imperial Meal
Hotel: Noboribetsu Daiichi Taki Main Building or Mahoroba Onsen or Lake Toya Sun palace or Class.

Day 5  Kitayuzawa (Lake Toya) - Sapporo 

  • The Noboribetsu area, famous for its hot springs in the Noboribetsu period village, was developed in the Meiji period after the descendants of Date Masamune, a Japanese warlord Date and Kojuro Katakura, moved to the Noboribetsu area. This theme park is designed to recreate the townscape and culture of the Sendai Domain at that time.
  • At the "UTSUROI Hall", visitors can change into period costumes, become ninjas or princes and nobles from costume dramas, and take a leisurely walk and take photos in the period village. Denbenix Marine Park has a Nordic-style castle appearance, and the moment you enter the castle is like being in a mysterious underwater world, and the interior design and various biological characteristics show light and shadow vision is also quite colorful.In addition, there is an exhibition area where you can touch the animals in the water, an underwater tunnel that looks like you can walk under the sea, and you can watch the famous penguin parade and get close to a variety of animals, feel the unique charm of Hokkaido's Denbenics Marine Park, and Sapporo beer is familiar to everyone. About 10 minutes from Sapporo Station, there is a beautiful red brick factory complex where Sapporo beer was built in 1890 (Meiji 23), which is currently registered as a Hokkaido Heritage Site and the only beer museum in Japan.
  • Tanukikoji Sapporo's most important shopping street, the 1-kilometer-long promenade mall covers a total of seven neighborhoods, and you can buy many Hokkaido-limited goods and souvenirs in addition to many grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, restaurants, etc. Legend has it that this animal can bring fortune to merchants, so in one corner of the tanuki path, there is a stone sculpture of "tanuki", and if you touch the head of the tanuki, you can become smart and bring good luck!

Breakfast: On site|Lunch: Crab Goten Seafood Market|Dinner: Hokkaido Japanese style BBQ
Hotel: Solaria Nishitetsu Sapporo Sapporo or Keio Plaza Sapporo or similar

Day 6  Sapporo - New Chitose Airport ✈ HOME

  • Fly back to your home place today, fly to Tokyo to other Asian cities or return to your home country.

Breakfast: In-hotel


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Japan Hokkaido 6 days 4 Nights