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12-Day Tour of the U.K・Belgium and the Netherlands

✈ Departure date: 7/26 , 8/21 , 9/15 , 10/03 , 11/16
*15 people out of the group, Chinese tour guide!*

【Tour fee included】
✔ 10 nights in a 4 star hotel
✔ Daily breakfast, dinner, 1 English afternoon tea
✔ Round-trip transfer from the airport to the hotel
✔ Full Chinese guided tour
✔ Transportation, attraction tickets, ferry tickets, TGV tickets (as shown in the itinerary).
✔ One bottle of water per person per day
✔ Overseas travel safety group insurance
✔ Headsets are provided for more than 15 people
【Tour fee not included】
✘ International round-trip air tickets
✘ Daily tip for tour guide, driver, recommended USD$15 / day / person
✘ Restaurant alcohol and personal expenses

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Itinerary Featured Experience

  • Stonehenge is Britain's most famous prehistoric architectural site, and there are many theories about why it existed, and it remains a mystery in the archaeological community. It is generally estimated that it appeared more than 4,000 years ago, and at first glance it seems irregular, but in fact there are certain rules, and the movement of light can observe the operation of celestial bodies. Many people prefer to believe that this is a huge mystery that the ancient ancestors deliberately left to future generations.
  • Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site town in 1987, still retains the baths left by the Romans in the 1st century AD, enjoying the only hot spring in England; In addition, Bath has also created many literary artists, artists, musicians, etc. because of the masters of the earth, and many film works have also been filmed here.
  • Oxford, the oldest university town in the English-speaking world, is lined with Gothic minarets, university campuses echo each other across the town's buildings, and city streets pass through the campus, and the school is integrated with the city. In a quiet atmosphere, it is as if you have stepped into history. The University of Oxford has produced many celebrities, including 26 British prime ministers and 69 Nobel laureates.
  • Windsor Castle, home to the treasures of the British royal family, such as the Queen Mary Dollhouse full of medieval dolls and furniture and decorations handed down from the Middle Ages, each room is like a small art gallery. The castle was also one of the Queen's favorite palaces during her lifetime, and to this day, royalty still loves to stay here during the summer and other weekends.
  • Hailed by the French writer Hugo as "Europe's most gorgeous living room", the Grand Place of Brussels, with its beautiful stone bricks, is surrounded by Renaissance and Baroque gorgeous buildings, reflecting the golden splendor in the sunlight, so it has the reputation of "Golden Square", surrounded by major shopping areas, full of tourists.
  • Ghent is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and a medieval tourist city, with spire-roofed buildings along beautiful canals, picturesque alleys, remains of ancient buildings and stately cathedrals. Ghent is also a famous university town, which has breathed new life into the old city by tourists and students.
  • Bruges, Belgium, known as the "Sleeping Beauty of the Middle Ages", has intertwined waterways in the city, with fifty bridges across the river, quite a romantic flavor of the Venetian water capital; The old city is full of stone paved paths and medieval buildings, and the lake of love where swans float on the surface of the water, the picturesque scenery, the white monastery and the green lake, full of peaceful atmosphere.
  • Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, with the largest port in Europe and the European Capital of Culture in 2001. In addition to the well-known block houses and pencil houses, the horseshoe-shaped design of the Markthal Market, which opened in 2014, has also subverted the stereotype of "traditional markets" and has become an emerging landmark and a popular must-visit attraction.
  • * Stroll through Van Gogh Forest National Park, a vast area with pools, lakes, gardens and carving parks, pedal the park's free bicycle, elegantly wander in the quiet corners of the park, admire masterpieces full of design, and let Fendor essence warm your body, soul and soul. Visit the Koulle Müller Museum in the park and admire the authentic works of the 19th century painter Van Gogh, including precious oil paintings and drawings such as "Night Cafe", "Cypress Road under the Stars", "Potato Eater" and so on. There are also works by artists such as Picasso and Gauguin
  • Located in the northwest of the Netherlands, Giethoorn is intertwined with canals and lakes, the roofs of the houses are made of reeds, and the water surface is reflected in green huts, which is known as the "Green Venice". Take a wooden boat ride through the tranquil villages and feel the quaint scenery of a fairytale town.
  • The Zaanse Schans windmill village has been transformed over the years into an open museum complex, with old wooden buildings and windmills depicting Dutch life in the 17th and 18th centuries, some of the old houses such as clogs factories, cheese workshops... Handicraft performances still remain, showcasing the traditional way of life of the Dutch, attracting thousands of tourists.
  • Amsterdam river network intertwined, river crisscrossing, completed in the 17th century Amsterdam canal belt, is a work of art of urban construction and architectural design, take a glass boat to know the canal capital, is the best way to explore the water capital, boats can enjoy the characteristics of each house and people riding bicycles through the streets, more close to the slow life of Amsterdam.

Day 1 USA ✈︎ London 

With a relaxed and happy mood, the transoceanic flight will take you to the UK ~ London!

Day 2 London Heathrow airport -85km - Prehistoric megalithic group Stonehenge -54km - Bass Bath -54km - Swindon Windon 

  • Upon arrival, you will be taken to the prehistoric megalithic group Stonehenge (ticket included), historians are still debating why these large stones were relocated here, the only certainty is that the ancient people of the Stone Age took hundreds of years to complete these landscapes, some say it was an astrological use, others said it was a place of sacrifice, but there is no written record, historians can only find possible answers from the remains of nearby excavation tools.
  • Head to the World Heritage town of Bath: Bath Abbey: the majestic façade, the largest Gothic building in the west of England.
  • The Roman Baths Museum (admission included): An unmissable historical site that faithfully shows what the baths looked like at the time, and where hot spring water still gushes. The scenes of "Pride and Prejudice" and "Les Misérables", the Pulteney Bridge connecting the banks of the Avon River, are all mesmerizing postcard scenes
  • Royal Crescent: A semi-circular building that resembles a crescent moon on a large expanse of turquoise turquoise, it is Bath's most famous Georgian building.

Lunch: Optional|Dinner: Ryokan Western cuisine
Hotel: Leonardo Hotel Swindon or similar

Day 3 Swindon -50km- Bibury -48km- Oxford -66km- Windsor Castle -37km- London 

  • Bybury, the artist William Morris said that he is the most beautiful town in Britain, like walking into a painting, a collection of poems, into the medieval English countryside, the scenery is beautiful!                
  • Oxford, the oldest university town in the English-speaking world, is lined with Gothic minarets, and the university campus echoes and interdependent with the town across the town; There are no walls, city streets pass through the campus, and the school is integrated with the city. In a quiet atmosphere, it is as if you have stepped into history.
  • Christ Church is the largest college in Oxford University, and its pride is that it has produced 16 British Prime Ministers in the last 200 years; the ancient Cafate Tower is Oxford's liveliest pedestrian area, full of shops, a favorite of students; and Bodleian Libraries, England's oldest Bodleian library, built in 1378 AD. The University of Oxford has produced many celebrities, including 26 British prime ministers and 69 Nobel laureates.
  • Windsor Castle (admission included): a wooden fortified fortress built by William the Conqueror on the hills of the Thames, a magnificent and magnificent palace; It is also the favorite palace of the British Queen

Breakfast: In the hotel|Lunch: Self-care|Afternoon: English afternoon tea|Dinner: Burger and lobster, the famous burger and lobster restaurant
Hotel: Double Tree London Angel Kings Cross Hotel or similar

Day 4 London 

  • After breakfast, start the "foggy capital" London city tour, located in the lower reaches of the Thames, most of the famous attractions are distributed on both sides of the river; Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Millennium Bridge, House of Parliament, The Big Ben and more are not to be missed!
  • St. Paul's Cathedral Paul's Cathedral: Diana and Charles' wedding ceremony in 1981
  • Westminster Abbey: Listed as a World Heritage Site in 1987, the Gothic church has been the burial and enthronement of the British monarch.
  • British Museum (inside): You'll be amazed by the variety of artifacts and treasures on the second floor, not to be missed.

Breakfast: In the hotel|Lunch: Optional|Dinner: Western dinner
Hotel: Double Tree London Angel Kings Cross Hotel or similar

Day 5 London ~ TGV Eurostar ~ Brussels, Belgium Reference Eurostar: 11:04A/2:13P 

  • After breakfast, go to the train station to take the Eurostar high-speed train (ticket included, no luggage service staff at the train station) Go to Belgium-Brussels, known as the "capital of Europe", visit Brussels Town Hall, the Maison du Roi, the King's House, Masion des Ducs de Brabant, and the Duke of Brabant、... Classical buildings are numerous, and the French writer Hugo is known as the world's most beautiful Grand Place in Brussels.
  • The world-famous bronze statue of Manneken Pis, the "Pis-Pee", on Brussels Square: The young boy inadvertently doused his urine to extinguish the fuse that was about to detonate the bomb at Brussels City Hall, and people created this statue to commemorate his bravery. Built in 1958, at the Universal Exposition, the Atomium was designed by architectural engineer Andre Waterkeyn to magnify the molecule 165 billion times, consisting of nine super-giant stainless steel spheres, each representing iron molecules, nine representing nine cities in Belgium, and the original nine European Union city members, its avant-garde design caused a sensation at the time, CNN reported that it was the strangest building in Europe at the time, and one of the top ten attractions in Brussels.

Breakfast: In the hotel|Lunch: Self-care|Dinner: 100-year-old mussel restaurant
Hotel: Courtyard Marriott Hotel Brussels or similar

Day 6 Brussels - 56km - Ghent - 42km - Bruges 

  • Ghent: Visit the white stone church of St. Bavo's Sint-Bassfskathedraal, famous for its collection of masterpieces, including The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (with entrance included), the mysterious lamb of the Van Eyck brothers, and an oil painting by Rubens; Belfort, a bell tower built around 1300; Gravensteen, the famous Ghent building with its revival loft; and the Sint-Michielsbrug bridge of Saint-Michel with a view of the famous old guild complex of Ghent across the Les River.
  • Bruges roaming the market square Markt, Belfort van Brugge, Stadhuis, Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed, Church of Our Lady The marble sculpture of Michelangelo, the 15th-century Italian sculptor, the Madonna, is a world-famous masterpiece of art. And arrange a boat Canal Cruise (ticket included) to visit the enchanting scenery on both sides of the canal, promising a beautiful day and a beautiful time. Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a romantic afternoon in the beautiful Canal District.

Breakfast: In the hotel|Lunch: Self-care|Dinner: Traditional stewed dishes
Hotel: NH Bruges Hotel or similar

Day 7 Bruges -179km- Rotterdam -52km- The Hague 

  • Known as the 'testing ground for modern architecture', Rotterdam is one of the best in its innovative three-dimensional block houses and pencil houses, standing at incredible angles. Newly opened in October 2014, not only the market, but also the residential area, the novel design has become the symbol of Rotterdam, especially the huge glass curtain is refreshing, the ceiling of the building is designed with LED installations, with flowers, fruits and other distinctive patterns, making people feel like they are in the gourmet galaxy.
  • There are hundreds of food stalls, 15 shops, 8 restaurants, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese and other international restaurants and shops in this indoor market, allowing you to explore the exotic cuisine and culture of Europe at once.
  • The Hague: Has the title of Royal Capital. Although the capital of the Netherlands is located in Amsterdam, The Hague is the political center of the Netherlands. Many government agencies, parliaments, embassies, international organizations, including the official residence of the current Queen Beatrix and the royal family, are located in The Hague. Visit the National Assembly Hall Binnenhof, the Knights House Ridderzaal and the Peace Palace.
  • Mauritshuis Royal Gallery: Mauritshuis (admission included), also known as the Royal Gallery, is known as "the most comfortable museum in the world". In the 17th century, it was the palace of Johan Maurits Van Nassau, Earl of Nassau, who loved to travel and enjoy life. The most famous of these is Vermeer's "Girl with Pearls". In addition, the Maurites Royal Gallery has many works by Dutch masters such as Frans Hals, Ruysdael and Paulus Potter, and representatives of the Flemish school are Rubens, Van Dijck and Jordaens. Between 1982 and 1987, the museum underwent extensive renovations.

Breakfast: In the hotel|Lunch: Self-care|Dinner: Beihai comprehensive seafood plate
Hotel: NH Den Haag Hotel The Hague or similar

Day 8 The Hague - 85km- Volendam -5km Eden -155km Giethoorn -44km- Zwolle 

  • Volendam: A typical North Sea fishing village that still retains its traditional character today, attracting countless tourists. It is also a popular location for wedding exteriors. If you fall in love with Dutch cuisine or want to taste fresh, you can enjoy a valuable and unforgettable experience with fish specialties that will satisfy your taste buds.
  • Eden: It is the most famous production area of Eden cheese in the Netherlands, and Eden is also a water town. Aiden has the famous old weighing house. Here you can browse the small shops and try a variety of cheese flavors, as well as the various utensils used to buy and sell cheese, such as wooden shelves for weighing (which are quite scales). There are also small utensils that people use to eat cheese, such as elaborate large knives and forks, which are not famous. In this beautiful town, in addition to the red houses, blue sky, blue water, and private yachts lying quietly in the winding river, you can also walk around leisurely and feel the vitality of the town in the tranquility.
  • Giethoorn: Known as the Green Venice (some people call it the Venice of the Netherlands), because the river is lined with turquoise green, and the water surface reflects the reflection of green cottages. The best way to experience Giethoorn is to take a canal cruise (ticket included), a flat-bottomed wooden boat ride through the tranquil village.

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Self-care|Dinner: Traditional cuisine of the hotel
Hotel: Lumen Hotel Zwolle or similar

Day 9 Giethoorn -110km-  Hoge Veluwe -91km- Amsterdam 

  • Kroller-muller Museum (admission included) (De Hoge Veluwe National Park): Famous for its extensive collection of Van Gogh's works. Located in a natural park, it symbolizes the combination of nature, art and architecture. Another famous feature of the Kunsthalle Koulmüller is the largest sculpture park in Europe! If you are in the De Hoge Veluwe Forest National Park, where the Kunsthalle Koulmüller is located, it is a blessing to take a deep breath on a bicycle. You have free access to free white bicycles in the park, and more than 42 kilometers of cycling lanes will guide you around the park's attractions.
  • Amsterdam: is the capital of the Netherlands, the largest city in the Netherlands, the second largest port, bordering Lake Essell, the North Sea Canal in the west is connected to the North Sea, and it is also an "underwater city" 1-5 meters below sea level. The city of Amsterdam is more than 700 years old, but it is not the oldest city in the Netherlands. It started as a small fishing village at the mouth of the Amstel River. Legend has it that around 1270, a dike was built here, from which "Amsterdam" got its name, which means "Amstel River Embankment". In Dutch, dam means dike. In the first half of the 17th century, with the economic and political power of the Netherlands, the city developed into the largest port in Europe, one of the most prosperous commercial and financial centers. At that time, Amsterdam's diamond processing and wool manufacturing industry was famous all over the world. Amsterdam was also home to the famous East India Company and West India Company. The Netherlands has a developed water system, many canals, and the urban area is also full of canals and bridges, known as the Venice of the North. Amsterdam's 17th-century concentric canal district within the Singelcant has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010. Here you will walk to see the famous attractions of the old town, such as Dam Square, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the new church Nieuwe Kerk, and so on.

Breakfast: Hotel | Lunch: Self Care|Dinner: Chinese Dinner
Hotel: Hyatt Place Hotel Amsterdam Airport or similar

Day 10 Amsterdam 

  • Rijksmuseum (admission included) Amsterdam has many museums, so it is known as the capital of museums. One of the most worthwhile visits is the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is set amidst lush gardens and its most famous collection is the work of the 17th-century Dutch painter Rembrandt. In the Gallery of Honor of the Central Gallery on the second floor, in addition to Rembrandt, works by several other famous Dutch Golden Age painters such as Vermeer, Jenstine and Frans Hals are displayed here. Rembrandt's work has been praised for centuries, especially his best light and shadow painting, which makes many of his paintings very alive and belongs to his own special style.  One of the most famous paintings, Night Watch, painted by him for the Citizens' Guard, was used to decorate the hall of the guards, and is undoubtedly the most important work in the history of Dutch art in terms of composition and light manipulation. In the afternoon, take the glass boat Canal Cruise (ticket included) to explore the canal area of Amsterdam, enjoy the romantic scenery, and enjoy Amsterdam from the water, which can most touch her human characteristics.

Breakfast: On site|Lunch: Optional|Dinner: Local cuisine
Hotel: Hyatt Place Hotel Amsterdam Airport or similar

Day 11 Amsterdam -43km- North Sea Fishing Village -15km- Macken -54km- De Haal Castle 31km- Amsterdam 

  • Visit the small fishing villages of Wallendam and Macken on the shores of Lake Esse, where you can see the traditional Dutch fishing village and the romantic fisherman's wharf. Then, head to the 14th-century Dehaar Castle on the outskirts of Utrecht, renovated in the 19th century, and arrange a visit to De Haar Castle (admission included), which has many roses and loves flowers, and the Dutchman who loves flowers often visit the family when the weather permits, admire the flowers in the garden that change with the seasons, and also enjoy the Fendor baptism in the woods.

Breakfast: On site|Lunch: Optional|Dinner: Local cuisine
Hotel: Hyatt Place Hotel Amsterdam Airport or similar

Day 12 Amsterdam︎ ✈ USA 

  • End this unforgettable tour of British, Belgian and Dutch cultural classics.



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