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Japan Hokkaido 8 days 6 Nights

Departure Date: 2024: 5/09 , 6/06 , 7/11 , 8/01 , 9/19 , 10/14 , 10/24 , 11/23
【Tour fee included】
✔ 6 nights in a 4-star hotel or spa hotel
✔ Full transportation, Chinese tour guide, attraction tickets, bus tickets
✔ Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner (as shown in the itinerary).
【Tour fee not included】
✘ International air tickets
✘ Daily tip for tour guide and driver, USD 10 per day/person is recommended
✘ Drinks and drinks provided in the restaurant except for Matsuchi holidays
✘ Hotel luggage gratuities

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  • Sounkyo Gap: Take the Kuroyatake Gondola and enjoy a stunning view of the Daisetsuzan mountains and the clear blue sky. 
  • Abashiri: An experience of a lifetime - Higashimo-Kotoshiba Sakura Park, covered in a beautiful blanket.
  • Shiretoko: Viewing the Shiretoko Peninsula, a World Natural Heritage Site; Shiretoko Five Lakes.
  • Lake Mashu: A clear blue lake, filled with clouds and mist, it is known as "Mist no Mashu" and "Lake of Gods".
  • Lake Akan: Take a boat trip to see the mysterious lake that is beautiful in all seasons, home to natural chlorella growth. 
  • Featured Accommodation: 4-night Hokkaido Hot Spring Inn, with different cuisine, scenery, spring quality and taste. 2 nights luxury hotel in Sapporo city center.
  • Hokkaido seasonal cuisine, marbled beef cuisine, snow crab cuisine, Hokkaido earth cuisine, hot spring cuisine, etc.


DAY 1 USA︎ ✈ New Chitose Airport 

  • Hop aboard a luxury airliner and fly to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan

DAY 2 Japan.HokkaidoNew Chitose Airport - Sapporo 

  • Head to the hotel to rest after arriving on the day!


DAY 3 Furano Tomita Farm ~ Shiki Sainooka "Shunryu Yuen Train" → Dream Phantom Secret Area "Shirogane Blue Pond" - Asahiyama Zoo ~ Soundake Onsen Village 

  • 【Tomita Farm】Tomita Farm is one of Hokkaido's most pioneering flower fields. Farm Tomita, which used to grow only lavender, has gradually become a rainbow flower sea seen today under the careful care of its owner. In addition to lavender, you can also see French calendula, poppy flowers, lentil flowers and many other flowers.
  • 【Four Seasons Colorful Hills】The "Four Seasons Colorful Hills" is located in the "Hills no Town" with a vast view and excellent scenery, and covers an area of 15 hectares. From spring to autumn, dozens of species of grass and flowers bloom, making it a paradise of flowers. On the popular sightseeing bus, you can enjoy the colorful flowers and boundless scenery while driving leisurely around the Four Seasons Colorful Hills.
  • 【Shirokane Aike】Seike is located in the Shirogane area of Biei Town, and several man-made ponds were created by building a dike on the Biei River to prevent the spread of its volcanic mudflow, but nature has performed miracles. When the Biei River and the Sulphur River converge, colloidal particles that are invisible to the naked eye are produced, resulting in components such as sulfur and lime that block light scattering, depositing in the riverbed to turn white, and together with the sun's rays, the green pond was born in Biei. Qingike has become one of Hokkaido's famous sightseeing spots.
  • Asahiyama Zoo is the northernmost zoo in Japan, and the number of visitors to Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City surpassed Ueno Zoo in the summer of 2006 to become the most visited zoo in Japan and voted the most popular zoo in Japan. In order to allow visitors to observe the ecology of animals up close, Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City has made many elaborate designs so that visitors can clearly observe the vivid expressions and natural dynamics of animals, such as watching penguins swim in the underwater tunnel of the Penguin Hall, and watching polar bears leap into the water with great momentum.

Breakfast: Hotel|Chinese: Pastoral Buffet|Dinner: Hot Spring Buffet
Hotel: Sounkyo Choyo Resort
♨ or  similar

DAY 4 Kakumo Gorge / Meteor Falls & Galaxy Falls ~ Kamikakibettsucho Tulip Park [Tulip Park Forecast Period Early May - Early June] - Abashiri / Tendo Mountain Ice Museum - Shuangmi Falls - Shiretoko Nature Center ~ Shiretoko Onsen 

  • 【Meteor Falls and Galaxy Waterfall】Located in Daisetsuzan National Park, Stratus Gorge is a large-scale natural landscape that is rare in Asia, and the cliffs and waterfalls contrast beautifully, and the most famous is the Meteor Falls and Galaxy Waterfalls, which are compared to a couple. The meteor waterfall, alias Otaki, rolls down from the 80-meter-high cliff like a bundle of thick spools, which is quite proud; And like a few white silk lines of the Galaxy Waterfall, slowly flowing down from the 120-meter-high cliff, it is no wonder that it is also called Ontoki, these two waterfalls ranked among the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, symmetrically embedded in the valley wall, are particularly interesting to watch, and are also a good place for tourists to take photos.
  • 【Kamizubetsu Tulip Park】Located in the middle of Hokkaido's Abashiri Branch, Kamizubetsu is Japan's northernmost apple producing area, and its symbol is the tulip fairy. The tulip flower garden next to National Highway 242 was led by members of the local silver club to cultivate tulips in large quantities; Now a theme park with tulips, about 7 hectares of the park's total area of 12.5 hectares are tulip fields, including exotic varieties imported directly from the Netherlands, with 1.2 million tulips of 120 species.
  • 【Tiandu Mountain Drift Ice Museum】Mt. Tendo is a small hill with an elevation of 207 meters in Abashiri City. Lake Abashiri and Lake Notori are right in front of you, and you can see the Sea of Okhotsk and the Shiretoko mountains, and even on a clear day, you can see the scenery of Mount Akan and Female Akan. This scenery was designated as the only scenic spot in Hokkaido in Showa 13. In the drift ice experience room at minus 15 degrees, you can see real drift ice and experience the cold all year round.
  • 【Fumi-Fall】Located in the town of Sari-cho, Sari-gun, Hokkaido, about 80 meters apart, it is called "Fumi-Falls" because it divides into two tributaries on the way. There is also a staircase to the middle of the waterfall for visitors to climb.
  • Shiretoko Nature Center is located at the junction of National Route 334 and the Shiretoko Park Line of the prefectural road, and Shiretoko's tourist information center has a wide range of information such as nature information, transportation, and peripheral facilities. In the center, Shiretoko scenery "Adults at their own expense" is shown from the air. We also sell popular ice creams and various souvenirs.

Breakfast: Hotel|Chinese: Japanese|Dinner: Hot Spring Stone Banquet
Accommodation: (kitakobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort) Shiretoko Grand Kitakobushi
or similar

DAY 5 Walk along the shore of Lake Shiretoko ~ Higashi Mokoto Fairy Tale Shibasakura Park ~ Lake Mashu Observatory ~ Lake Akan Excursion Boat 

  • Lake Akan Onsen Lake Mashu was selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site in 2001 and is known as a mysterious lake. Known as "kamuitou" in the Ainu language, meaning "Lake of God", also known as "Mysterious Lake", Lake Mashu is located in eastern Hokkaido, part of Akan National Park, and its transparency was measured in 1931 to be 41.6 meters, which was the most transparent lake in the world at that time. The transparent water of the lake contains almost no impurities, and the unique deep blue lake that flows like a blue ribbon is also known as the "Sapphire of Mashu".
  • 【Tozakoto Fairy Tale Shiba Sakura Park】The small Shiba cherry blossoms bloom on a large slope of 90,000 square meters, like a carpet intertwined with pink and white, and the managers who have been in business since the 50s of Showa have cultivated 10,000 square meters of land every year to grow Shiba cherry blossoms, and after eight years have finally completed the size of this Tokyo Dome, and you can see Shiba cherry blossoms cultivated with love from May to June every year.
  • 【Lake Akan】In 1934 (Showa 9), Lake Akan was the second national park in the country. The national park is centered on Lake Akan. The area around the hot spring town by the lake is a major base for sightseeing. The two mountains of Mount Okan and Mount Akan that tower around Lake Akan and Mount Akan present a rich and varied natural landscape. In the lake, chlorella, which has been designated as a natural monument, grows. 

Breakfast: Hotel|Chinese: Taoji Cuisine|Dinner: Hot Spring Buffet
Hotel: WINGS
Akan Lake Tsuruga Wings or similar

DAY 6 Akan - Obihiro Flower Clock - Hokkaido OUTLET Shopping Plaza or Hakuro Folk Village ~ Noboribetsu Onsen Street

  • 【Odori Park】It is not only a good place for citizens and tourists to relax, but also a major venue for various festivals throughout the year.
  • 【Bai Lao Folk Village】The Japanese Bai Lao Ainu (translated as 'Ainu', English translation as Ainu) Ethnographic Museum is located in Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido, Japan, it is presented in front of people in the form of a small village, in a larger pavilion, there are usually Ainu folk dance performances, traditional songs sung, and there is a very Ainu style of farewell bear soul dance, and now it has been listed as an intangible cultural property by UNESCO.
  • 【Hokkaido OUTLET Shopping Plaza】There are nearly 130 world-class brands here, including women's, men's and children's clothing, as well as sports and outdoor, fashion, and lifestyle products. In addition, there is a large food court with a capacity of 650 seats, and "Hokkaido Local Farm Paradise" where famous products and local agricultural products are abundant, providing you with a new shopping environment. 

Breakfast: Hotel|Chinese: Pork Ishikari Pot|Dinner: Hot spring cuisine
Hotel: Noboribetsu Manseikaku
or the same class

DAY 7 Noboribetsu  Valley Jigokudani Active Volcano ~ Noboribetsu Jidai Mura Ninja Village ~ Stimulating Ninja Theater ~ Codbaba Crab Seafood Market ~ Shiranojin Ishiya Confectionery Strange Castle ~ Odori Park (Totsure) ~ JR Tower Shopping Mall Free Shopping ~ Sapporo 

  • 【Noboribetsu Period Village】A theme park where you can experience life in the Edo period, there are many events and performances that have been verified by the times. In the Ninja Kasumi House, you can enjoy a powerful ninja war, and there are various interesting facilities such as the "Shuriken Dojo" where you can experience what it is like to be a ninja. The war show performed in the large-scale Ninja City is not to be missed. The staff of the souvenir shop and restaurant also wear Edo clothes to greet customers.
  • [Noboribetsu Jigokudani] is a strangely shaped valley formed by molten rock after a volcanic eruption; The gray-white and brown rock formations combined with a lot of geothermal energy erupting from the ground form a special volcanic landscape.
  • 【Shiro-Obijin Park】In addition to the manufacturing factory of Hokkaido's famous confectionery "Shiroibijin", there is also a café where you can enjoy ISHIYA special sweets, an experience workshop where you can make your own Shiroibito, a toy museum, and a rose garden full of roses. Visit, taste, experience and make memories a wonderful thing to remember.
  • 【JR Tower Shopping Mall】"JR Tower Shopping Mall", a collection of four popular department stores with different styles and distinct themes; ESTA, APIA, PASEO, and Sapporo STELLAR PLACE, which is your mastery of Japan... Introducing a wide range of practical goods and services to everyone, shopping here is not only a popular sports practice, but also an attitude to life!

Breakfast: In the hotel|Chinese food: Ishikari seafood hot pot|Dinner: 【King crab + long-legged crab + hairy crab】Three major crabs + teppanyaki BBQ

DAY 8 Sapporo ~ Otaru  City Romantic Tour [Otaru Canal (Tosu), Kitaichi Glasskan, European Style Steam Clock, Otaru Music Box Hall] ~ New Chitose Airport ~ Hometown 

  • After breakfast, visit Otaru Canal, Japan's only European-style restaurant, where you can stroll with your family and friends through the old canal streets, surrounded by warehouses made of red brick and gray tiles from the Meiji era. Famous for its glass workshop, the award-winning [Beiyi Glass Museum] of Chang Shengjun can visit exquisite and diverse glass art crafts.
  • 【European Style Steam Clock】 is the same type as the steam clock of the tourist attraction "Gastown" in Vancouver, Canada, and was built in bronze by Canada's famous watch craftsmen in 1977, the steam clock is an electric clock, which is controlled by computer to make the boiler boil to produce steam. In addition to the hourly time signal, 5 scale melodies are played with steam every 15 minutes; Located in front of Otaru Music Box Hall, the steam clock full of classical history is the best spot for taking photos.
  • 【Otaru Music Box Hall】 displays more than 1,000 kinds of music boxes from all over the world, allowing you to surround yourself in a beautiful rhythm.

Finally, head to Shinsenzu Airport and fly to Tokyo to other Asian cities or back to your hometown.

Breakfast: In-hotel

**Itinerary and meal will be adjusted according to the actual situation, subject to local arrangements!**


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Japan Hokkaido 8 days 6 Nights