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Canada|Rocky Twin Castles Luxury 5 days Train Tour

Departure Date: Please ask the service staff
◎The fee is in US dollars, and the price is calculated for a single person.
✔️ Sightseeing transportation, 3 nights hotel accommodation, professional Chinese speaking tour guide
➥ Travel insurance
➥ Climber train, travel insurance, national park entrance fee, icefield bobsleigh ticket, glacier sky glass bridge trail
✘ Gratuities for the driver and guide (recommended CAD$15 per day), gratuities for train services

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The whole limousine bus connects to see the Canadian Rocky Mountains National Park|Youhe, Banff, Glacier, Jasberg National Park
Youhe National Park : Waterfalls, rocky walls of nature | Banff National Park : Hot spring source
Lake Trail - the scenery your heart craves
Glacier National Park : A country of bears where you have the opportunity to see natural wildlife
Arrange a two-night stay at the Chateau Lois and experience the luxury of a stay at the Castle Hotel
【Icefield Bobsleigh & Sky Trail】Climb the Athabasca Glacier and touch the 10,000-year-old glacier; Stroll the glass deck on the Skywalk and enjoy the amazing views
【White Cape Cable Car】Climb Mount White opposite Lake Louise and feel the majestic momentum of the Rocky Mountains



*Please arrive at the train station at least 1 hour in advance, there is no driver on board*

  • Station address: Rocky Mountaineer Station, 1755 Cottrell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2L8
  • This morning, you'll check in at the designated platform for the Climber at Vancouver Pacific Station. The train departs at 7:30 AM from the coastal city of Vancouver to Kamloops, located in the interior of British Columbia. Today, the scenery changes dramatically, passing through the lush green fields of the Fraser Valley, through the dense forests and winding valleys of the Coast Mountains and the Cascade Mountains, and into the desert-like interior.
  • Highlights include the fast-flowing Fraser Canyon Hellgate, as well as the steep slopes and rolling stone caves along the Thompson River. Breakfast and lunch are served on board. Drive along the shores of Kamloops Lake into Kamloops, where the Rocky Mountain Lights shuttle you to your local Kamloops hotel.

Breakfast: On the train (Western)|Lunch: On the train (Western)|Dinner: Please take care of yourself
Hostel: Standard hotel (arranged by train company)


  • *On-train service is provided by a Rocky Mountaineer representative, the Rocky Mountain section guide will contact you in advance to confirm your same-day drop-off time*
  • Depart from Kamloops hotels and be transferred to Kamloops train station by Rocky Mountain Lights for boarding. Your journey continues eastward, reaching the majestic Canadian Fall Mountains and into the province of Albi. Across vast pastures, along rocky lake shores, over steep mountain passes, and through tunnels in the history of the Canadian Falling Mountain Railway, you'll once again be dazzled by the majestic scenery along the way.
  • Today's highlights include Cleracy, where the Canadian Pacific Railroad laid its final spike, through the Rogers Passage, the Fundhorn Valley, the Spiral Tunnel, and of course the glaciers and snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Arrive at Lake Louise Station by early evening and your train journey will end there. Your guide will pick you up at the station and take you to the Lake Louise Castle Hotel and check in.

Breakfast: On the train (Western)|Lunch: On the train (Western)|Dinner: Please take care of yourself



  • This morning, head south along the world's most beautiful alpine highway, the Icefield Avenue, and you'll be amazed by the rugged mountains, blue glacial rivers and mysterious lakes along the way. Visit Athabasca Falls, which looks like a galloping horse; After arriving at the world-famous Columbia Ice Field, switch to a giant bobsleigh and board the 'Athabasca Glacier' to get off the car and touch the crystals of ice and snow that have been around for thousands of years.
  • Afterwards, visit the newly completed Glacier Sky Glass Bridge Trail in 2014. Stroll along the transparent glass bridge deck and feel the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Or stop at the observation deck on the glass bridge to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the landscape, which is a "stunning" that you cannot miss in your life.
  • The tour continues south, passing by attractions such as Lake Pedo, Bow Peak, Bow Peak, Bow Glacier, Bow Lake and Crow Claw Glacier. Among them, Lake Pedo is the most famous lake in the mountains after Lake Louise. From the observation deck, you can clearly look down on the blue waters of Lake Pedo, the coniferous forests and the mountains surrounded by glaciers.

Breakfast: Optional|Lunch: Western-style set (optional)|Dinner: Western-style course (optional)


  • HEAD TO MORAINE LAKE, WHICH IS A NATIONAL TREASURE OF CANADA. THE LAKE IS SURROUNDED BY TEN PEAKS, A NATURAL EMBANKMENT FORMED BY ROCKS PILED UP AT THE LAKE'S OUTLETS, WHICH IS WHERE THE NAME MORAINE (MEANING THE ACCUMULATION CARRIED BY THE GLACIER) COMES FROM. Lake Moraine was used as the reverse design for the Canadian $20 banknotes issued in 1969 and 1979. Afterwards, enter Yoho National Park in the Rocky Mountains. Yoho means wonder and wonder in the Cree language. Yohoru National Park is home to Canada's tallest waterfall, world-class fossil sites and stunning natural terrain to see the Emerald Lake, an alpine glacier lagoon.

Breakfast: at your own expense|Lunch: Western lunch at Lake Louise Castle (at your own expense)|Dinner: Chinese or Western (at your own expense)

DAY 5  Sicamos or Salmon Bay - Manna City (ginseng field visit) - Hope Town - Vancouver 

  • "Manna City", located in the inland climate, is suitable for the growth of American ginseng, and is the main production area of American ginseng in North America. Here, a special visit to the ginseng farm of Ganlu Ginseng Farmers Association is specially arranged, and the professional sales staff will introduce the planting, growth, harvesting and manufacturing process of American ginseng, and at the same time, you can freely purchase all kinds of ginseng products. The special car traveled along the National Highway Hengjia Highway 1 through the Lower Mainland Plain of the Fraser Valley, and passed through the filming location of "The First Blood", which was also a beautiful town in the Taojin period a hundred years ago [Hope Town], where you can experience the movie shooting scene and take a short rest, and arrive in Vancouver in the evening to end the beautiful journey.

Breakfast: Hotel|Lunch: Nakashi or Buffet (at your own expense)|Dinner: at your own expense


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  • Wheelchair access: Due to limited facilities, some attractions may need to be waived without refund. VIPs using wheelchairs must be accompanied by an assistant, and the tour guide cannot assist separately
  • Special diet: Please let us know when you register, and we will try our best to arrange it. We apologize for some special diets that are more restrictive, but we apologize for not being able to provide them​​

Local conditions :

  • Triple rooms are not available for this tour
  • Please check the description of the daily itinerary in detail


  • Under the epidemic control, the procedures and requirements for entering the country for foreigners are different from the past, please contact Sonic Tour for the latest information
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  • Please provide a copy of your passport when registering to avoid inconvenience during your trip by mistake; It is also recommended to bring a copy of your passport with you in case you need it
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  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return and at least 2 blank pages marked "Visas."

Flights & Baggage:

  • Most airlines require a fee to pre-reserve a seat, which you can do online up to 24-48 hours before departure.
  • For guests who have booked their own tickets, if there is a transfer, it is recommended to reserve at least 3 hours of transfer time.
  • The weight and number of checked baggage are according to the regulations of each airline's international flight, and the excess weight fee must be borne by the VIP guests.



Canada|Rocky Twin Castles Luxury 5 days Train Tour