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Yellowknife Aurora 4-Day Tour

※ 2 persons ※ ◎ The quoted price is US dollars in USD, and the single fee is used
✔ 3 nights hotel accommodation
✔ 3-night Aurora Tour (hot drinks, hot soup and snacks are available in the Aurora Viewing Chalet) and warm clothing
✔ Round-trip transportation between the hotel and the airport, and between the hotel and the aurora viewing area
✘ Round-trip air ticket from the original place of residence to Yellowknife Town (please contact the company's service staff for ticket purchase).
➥ Meals, photo service, travel insurance
✘ Gratuities for driver and guide: USD 12 per person per day

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※ Carefully arrange a full set of local polar warm clothing (including anti-freeze clothes, gloves and snow boots) to feel the warmth in the cold winter. (Warm equipment must be returned before leaving Yellowknife City)
※ As the sunspot activity is the strongest in 50 years, the Northern Lights will be even brighter, so don't miss the opportunity~

The town of Yellowknife is located in the Northwest Territory of Canada(Northwest Territories)。Located on the north shore of Great Slave Lake, the 10th largest lake in the world, it is one of the northernmost cities in Canada and the Northwest Territory(Northwest Territories)the capital of the city,It also has the title of "Northern Lights Capital".Yellowknife is surrounded by the Northern Lights Ellipse district(Aurora Oval)covered,In addition, the days are short and the nights are long in winter, so the chance of seeing the aurora is relatively high. Aurora is a brilliant dazzling light produced by the energy of the charged particles released by the sun when they collide with atoms and molecules in the polar upper atmosphere above the North Pole when they collide with atoms and molecules in the polar upper atmosphere above the North Pole.

The pursuit of the aurora is the dream of many people's lives, this brilliant light on the heavenly river, for thousands of years continue to arouse people's speculation and fantasy, ancient Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Romans have written descriptions of the aurora, Eskimos regard it as a torch for ghosts and gods to guide the souls of the dead to heaven, other peoples also have different aurora legends. Although the scientific community has proposed an explanation, the search for this light of happiness is still deeply imprinted in the depths of people's souls. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the Dancing in the Bright Sky.

Why did you choose Yellowknife as the Northern Lights?

  • The area is surrounded by the Northern Lights elliptical ring(Aurora Oval)covered.
  • In winter, the days are short and the nights are long, and the light damage is less, and the probability is relatively high.
  • There are 250 nights per year to see the Northern Lights, which is a very high chance.
  • The aurora can appear as low as 80 kilometers, making it a very low place to see the aurora. 
  • The world's Aurora Tracking Observatory is located in Yellowknife City, which shows its representativeness.


【Optional activities during the day】Daytime Activities (weather dependence)

City Tour - Appr. 2hrs $60/p

Traditional Dog Sled Ride (November 15-March 31, 2024)   $70/p

Drive Your Own Dogteam (November 15-March 31, 2024)   $85/p

Snowshoeing Experience (November 20, 2023-March 31, 2024) -Min 4 People   $75/p

Ice Fishing Demonstration & Lunch (December – March) – Min 4 People  $80/p

Snowmobile with Guide -Min 4 People  $100/p

The above activities will be available on the day of the event, if the weather conditions permit, if there is not enough snow, the activity will be cancelled and a refund will be issued.


Climate (Average Monthly Temperature)














Average high temperatures °C













Average low temperature °C













Sunshine hours













★★ Want to know what the odds are of seeing the aurora today? Please refer to the Aurora Prediction website for the Daily Aurora Prediction website!!


Day 1 Hometown - (Yellowknife) -  Aurora Viewing 

  • Today, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories every winter (Yellowknife),Just to witness nature's most wonderful phenomenon, the Northern Lights. After flying to Yellowknife Airport, you will be picked up by car and taken to the hotel for check-in and accommodation, and a special person will give you a brief explanation for you to try on and rent warm clothes and snow boots.
  • At about 10:00 p.m. today, drive to see the Northern Lights. In the warm cabins, you can enjoy coffee, tea, snacks, etc., and wait for the Northern Lights to appear. Don't forget to bring your camera to catch the dancing borealis when it appears!

● Meet & Greet at the Yellowknife airport and transfer to the accommodations
● Brief 15-minutes orientation

● 22:00pm,depart for Aurora Viewing or Late Aurora Viewing schedule is arranged according to flight schedule

Breakfast: At your own expense|Lunch: At your own expense|Dinner: At your own expense
Hotel:Explorer Hotel or Chateau Nova

Day 2 Yellowknife -  Aurora Viewing 

  • Free and easy during the day today. You can choose to participate in optional activities such as Yellowknife City Tour, snowmobile riding, dog sledding, outdoor adventure in the Northwest Pole... Wait a minute.
  • At around 10:00PM, continue to see the Northern Lights. Aurora is an electrical discharge caused by the collision of a solar stream and the Earth's magnetic field, emitting one million megawatts of light in the sky about 6,000 miles above the ground. The most common color of the aurora is green, a variety of layers of green overlap each other, light and shadow continue to dance, some people say that seeing the aurora represents good luck and happiness, some people say that women who want to get pregnant, as long as they see the aurora, they can conceive as they wish, the aurora triggers infinite illusions of human beings, full of myths and legends, you must see it once in your life.

● AM/PM Optional Tours
● Full free day until evening

● Around 22:oopm, transfer for Aurora Viewing
● Transfer back to hotel, overnight stay

Breakfast: At your own expense|Lunch: At your own expense|Dinner: At your own expense
Hotel:Explorer Ho or Chateau Nova

Day 3 Yellowknife -  Aurora Viewing 

  • Free and easy during the day today. You can participate in activities at your own expense, including: snowmobile riding or dog sledding... Wait. A professional instructor will take you to the snow and enjoy the fun of snow speeding. 10:00pm Start the Northern Lights again. Let everyone enjoy the gorgeous and moving aurora dance again. Legend has it that the Aboriginal people of Canada believed that if you make a sound when the aurora appears, the light will find you and take you away!

● AM/PM Optional Tours
● Full free day until evening

● Around 22:oopm, transfer for Aurora Viewing
● Transfer back to hotel, overnight stay

Breakfast: At your own expense|Lunch: At your own expense|Dinner: At your own expense
Hotel:Explorer Hotel or Chateau Nova

Day 4 Yellowknife - Hometown 

  • After a good night's sleep, transfer to the airport for your flight back to your home for the end of this breathtaking nature tour

Breakfast:X Lunch: X|Dinner: X



◎ Yellowknife Town is cold in winter, please prepare warm clothes and warm supplies.

◎Cancellation fee:

  • More than 30 days prior to departure, a $50 service charge per person will be charged
  • From 21 to 30 days prior to departure, 50% of the total fare will be charged
  • From 8 to 20 days prior to departure, 75% of the total fare will be charged
  • Full payment will be charged within 7 days prior to departure.
  • Please refer to the airline's rules for ticket cancellation.

◎This tour is based on general travel conditions, and the company reserves the right to change the tour price or other conditions according to special conditions.
◎In the event of an accident during the itinerary resulting in death or injury or other losses, the company shall not be involved in the settlement in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the airline, hotel, bus, railway, etc.

◎Snow activities have a certain degree of risk, so it is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance.


Register for trip

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering.

Is this tour suitable for me?

  • ​​Suitable age: Due to quality considerations and local restrictions, only applicants over 12 years old will be accepted
  • Wheelchair access: Due to limited facilities, some attractions may need to be waived without refund. VIPs using wheelchairs must be accompanied by an assistant, and the tour guide cannot assist separately
  • Special diet: Please let us know when you register, and we will try our best to arrange it. We apologize for some special diets that are more restrictive, but we apologize for not being able to provide them​​

Local conditions :

  • Triple rooms are not available for this tour
  • Please check the description of the daily itinerary in detail


  • Under the epidemic control, the procedures and requirements for entering the country for foreigners are different from the past, please contact Sonic Tour for the latest information
  • If the visa is issued by Sonic Tour, once the document is delivered, no refund will be made under any circumstances


  • Please provide a copy of your passport when registering to avoid inconvenience during your trip by mistake; It is also recommended to bring a copy of your passport with you in case you need it
  • During the whole trip, you need to use the same documents as when you registered, so as not to delay the itinerary or cause unnecessary expenses or losses to the VIP if the documents do not match.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return and at least 2 blank pages marked "Visas."

Flights & Baggage:

  • Most airlines require a fee to pre-reserve a seat, which you can do online up to 24-48 hours before departure.
  • For guests who have booked their own tickets, if there is a transfer, it is recommended to reserve at least 3 hours of transfer time.
  • The weight and number of checked baggage are according to the regulations of each airline's international flight, and the excess weight fee must be borne by the VIP guests.



Yellowknife Aurora 4-Day Tour